New resolution passed at last service meeting? crazy!!

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  • moshe

    Ask for their donated money back? Hah-hah!


  • thetrueone

    And that is why the WTS has accumulated over a billion dollars worth of real-estate over the years.

    Once donated they never have to return it to the original owner and if and when they do sell it its most likely

    gained in property value $ ten-fold.

    Its a deceptive business when you stand back and look at the whole entire picture.

  • finallyfree!

    outlaw! dude ur a hoot! lmfao! but so true! i have to say i embarassingly remember when theyd pass financial resolutions raising my hand like a fukin robot. then ud always have those eager to please ass licking brothers whod all raise their hands to second it. so mindless and sheeplike. haha! its actually quite amusing and sad at the same time to see people giving so much of their souls to the machine that is the wts.



    Ya it`s Pretty bad..

    The WBT$ has scooped alot of money..Donated for specific puposes..

    They walked away with a big chunk of cash..Donated by JW`s for an Assembly Hall..

    The Assembly Hall was never Built..The JW`s never got their money back..

    ........................... ...OUTLAW



    I`ve never seen anyone vote against WBT$ financial resolutions..

    If a JW doesn`t know how to Kiss WBT$ Ass..

    "The WBT$ will Teach them"..

    ....................... ...OUTLAW

  • satinka

    Hi Outlaw,

    I appreciateluuuuuuurve the humor in your posts.

    Nice to see (above) a BOE who refused to go along. I agree, they might get into trouble for their refusal. Might be viewed as subversive or rebellious in not following directives.

    I recall back in the 70s a proposal was made to mortgage all bought-and-paid-for kingdom halls, and send the money to the WT for "kingdom advancement." We had a paid-for KH. Everyone in the audience put up their hand to vote yes to a morgage. We had many old-timers living off meager pensions, since they had no "other" retirement income. (Some of the old-timers had refused to pay into company pensions "because the end was near." But that's another story.)

    Needless to say, it created a hardship to repay a mortgage.

    Anybody else remember this?


  • SlipnSlide

    In my hall , they always did this by a majority vote. Just like the robots they are, they voted every time to pass the resolution, myself included. The last few times there was a vote and the ? was asked if there were those who opposed, my hand went up because serving MY needs were great. You woulda thought that I committed fornication the way I was treated afterword.

  • jookbeard

    good grief they might as well say "all the spare cash from every account" how many different accounts/boxes are there now FFS? probably cant move in a KH these days for contribution boxes, and they have the audacity to say "we don't tithe"

  • Hairyhegoat

    The only thing I will donate to the WTBTS is THE DRPPINGS FROM MY ASS They may be able to use it though as they are good peddling shit. Lol!

    If there are any witnesess still on her and still giving money to these crooks you are guilty of crimes againts humanity!!!

    I'm going to the next Dudley boasting meeting and putting monopoly money in the collection boxes and cheques for £ 0.00 for the worldwide work..

    Also I'm a bit of a nerd with radio comms so the wireless mics will fail when I swiych my RF jammer on!!! So no more bullshit to be heard from the poxy demos they do on the platform. I'm also taking the kids and they are on a misson to fuck the meeting up aswell, carn't say on her what but it will result in a mass evacuation of the dump...LOVE IT



    All religion, my friend, is simply evolved out of fraud, fear, greed, imagination, and poetry.

    Edger Allan Poe

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