What Was Your Attitude When A Householder Slammed The Door In Your Face?

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  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Another thing I wondered about was why the WTS didn't use TV or radio. They used to use radio, but why not now?

    If the message is so urgent and emergent, why not reach millions in one fell swoop instead of door to door, which obviously doesn't seem to be working?

    At least people would be able to make a choice without being bothered at their private homes by unannounced "guests."

    I still wonder that, although someone did mention in another thread that door to door kept the sheeple busy in the cult so it could stay in their minds more.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    I found pioneers to be a nasty, bitter bunch, always pecking at each other and gossiping about others.

    Pioneers didn't seem to be at all the happy people we are told we would be if we put in lots of hours.

    Could it be the unhealthy competition and getting doors slammed in our faces that made us feel so badly?


    You hit it right on. When I began pioneering, I was asked to do demos on stage and was invited to people's houses. Once I stopped pioneering because of kids and life in general, the invites stopped and no more demos. My social life died.

  • Quentin

    Few and far between, when it did happen couldn't wait to get back to the car group and jabber on about the message being rejected. Made me feel goooood!!!!

    Now, I pity those who knock doors and think how pathetic I was back in the day, being selfrightous because someone slammed their door in my face.

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    Having the door slammed in ones face was a frequent occurrence in our territory.

    There were so many JWs living in the area, that it was being covered several times a month:

    - and guess what; people were well and truly / heartily / passionately fed up to the eye brows with us!

    (This flew in the face of the WTS's claims that you "did not work territory to death - rather, you worked it to life." Like Hell you do!)

    In many ways, too, this was exacerbated by being in a hot climate - with everyones doors and windows being left open at all times:

    - so that when one person "blew a gasket" at you, everyone in the whole street could hear them go off.

    Then , the process was repeated at the next door, and the next one, and the next one and so on.

    (Sometimes I wondered if they were each holding a contest, to see who could shout and scream the loudest!)

    Still at that point believing the nonsense we were trying to talk to the public about, I remember being philosophic - if not a little cynical in response:

    - thinking to myself each time " Fella, it's your funeral, not mine! The day will come when you wished you had listened, but by then it will be too late."

    Incidentally, that so many JWs lived in this area had NOTHING to do with the territory being exceedingly productive:

    - it had everything to do with it being a low cost housing area, and the low socio-economic status of most JWs.

    - we were nearly ALL of us imports, who could not afford to live anywhere else.


  • mentallyfree31

    It always affected me and made me feel bad. I guess I kinda took it personal. If I knew the householder would be rude, I would try to find a way to avoid taking that door. And if somebody got irate and told us to never come back, it really hit me hard. I guess that only happened a dozen or so times in 26 years, but I can remember most all of them.


  • jam

    Two years ago A young man ( mid 20,s) and A teenager came to my door

    on A Sat. morning. We talk about the true religion. I could see he was

    getting agitated from my comments. I told him, son you are A young

    man, there is A lot in this world you do not know, you probably have A

    high school education and maybe some college but do you think this

    qualify you to come too my door to teach Gods word. His response,

    Sir I have the best education on the bible that money can buy.

    We were some smug and Arrogant individual. That young man

    would make A good elder. Never had A door slammed in my face.

  • mouthy

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  • MsDucky
  • moshe

    It didn't bother me very much- what did upset me was the ones who got even with me for disturbing them. They best one was-" Do you have the WT magazines?--can you wait just a minute- I have a long distance phone call and I have to say goodbye first, OK?" Stupid me falls for it and after a very long wait,(crickets chirping) I realize I have been had and she is never coming back to the door.

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