What Was Your Attitude When A Householder Slammed The Door In Your Face?

by minimus 41 Replies latest jw friends

  • Iamallcool

    One time, my dad and I went to one door. A man slapped the door VERY hard. My Dad said maybe he is an apostate. I just shrugged my shoulders.


    I always took it personally...but I do have anger issues...

  • minimus

    Be happy you don't have to knock on doors January 1st!

  • mouthy

    I was a JW in Montreal when the Duplessis was fighting them. Had MANY doors shut in my face,water thrown on me
    a brother who was working with me got beat up by one good Catholic,,Who was believing the Duplessis
    information.( which was true I later found out) Many were jailed during this time .
    Was stopped by the Police on many occasions after Duplessis stopped his "persecution" LOL
    Told to move on,placed mags with the cops...Had a man come to the door with his penis out
    But calmly told him I had one of those at home,but I was here to talk about something better than
    sex. He did laugh....But told me to F off .I still talked about life as I walked down the pathway.
    But when I went looking for rooms for the BIG Assembly in Montreal. Even got Pastors to
    rent rooms to them...LOL I wish I heard what went on with those....My daughter ( who was NOT a JW at that time)
    rented a room for a family.. Was disgusted after they left. Because they left the room a mess
    Of course I made excuses for them....Now she is a fully fledged JW????? Memories Memories I have
    a million of em...

  • minimus

    Mouthy, that penis man was a bad man!

  • blondie

    I never took it personally, after all, they had never met me. Even now being an ex-jw, I would not slam a door in their faces...now I might not answer the door....

  • Finally-Free

    I liked it almost as much as not at homes. It meant I didn't have to talk to anyone.


  • DagothUr

    I was verbally attacked and threatened with a bat by a violent man. He was a troublemaker and all his neighbours took my side. If I was not a dub and if I was not accompanied by an elder I would have probably put the jackass down with one punch, since we were in a public place, not at his door and I had witnesses to testify I was in self-defence.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    I couldn't understand why they would reject something so good that I knew for sure would happen. Such a good life they were throwing away!


    Three things:

    I'll never be good at the doors.

    Why do we keep doing this? No one wants to be bothered by it. Seems that we JW's are awfully pushy. It was so embarrassing going out with that sister who tried to bully and argue with anyone who didn't agree with her.

    How else am I ever going to have a social life in the org. if I don't pioneer?

  • Finally-Free
    How else am I ever going to have a social life in the org. if I don't pioneer?

    Another drawback is that you lose your social life if you stop pioneering. That's when you really find out where you stand with these people. Many times my ex was invited to "get togethers" because she was a pioneer. I was told I couldn't come because I wasn't a pioneer anymore. (I stopped for health reasons).


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