How should I reply?

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  • hotchocolate

    How about this:

    Well, by your response I would say that you haven't at all moved past a worldly and shallow attitude. The Bible says that "anybody who doesn't provide for those who are his own, and especially for those those who are members of his household, he is worse than a person without faith." I'm not sure how any God would find your hatred toward me acceptable. What do you even mean by living a "worldly" life? Oh, I guess you must mean taking drugs and sleeping around. Yes, of course, because if you're not a Jehovah's Witness, you must automatically be living an evil and self-centred life. Give me a break.

    Don't talk to me about study. I researched witness literature for two years before I realised I had sadly been following something that was incorrect for my whole life. I had no choice but to leave my friends and family. I'll never live a hypocritical life, and if my family cut me off because they are told they have to, then I can't do a damn thing about that. I would love to hear about your study efforts. It would be impossible to regard the Watchtower as truth after doing legitimate research. Or did you mean you re-read the information you have been taught since childhood?

    "No one should be forced to worship in a way that he finds unacceptable or be made to choose between his beliefs and his family." Awake! 2009 July, page 29. What an ironic statement. And I definitely agree. No one should be made to pay the price of their family in exchange for truth and freedom, but if that's the choice I need to make, I would make it a hundred times over again. How extremely awful of you to talk to me like you did in that email simply because I don't believe what you believe. If you want my heart, I may as well cut it out and hand it over on a plate. But you do not own my heart, it is alive and well and beating better than it ever did.

    You should be ashamed of yourself, speaking to your sister like that. You will see that one day, but maybe it will be too late.

  • AGuest

    Since you know your brother, dear HC (again, peace to you!)... know what's best to say to him.

    Peace to you... and may JAH bless, whatever you decide to say!

    A slave of Christ,


  • OnTheWayOut

    Sorry to hear your troubles.

    Your last letter sounds right. I might add something that shows you are not of the same mindset to "shun" him. You can say that you will respect his desire not to hear from you, but that you will always welcome him back into your life when he is ready.

  • Finally-Free

    I wouldn't reply at all. His message sounds pretty clear cut and final to me. He's let you know where you stand. Accept it and move on. If he wants to renew relations at some future date the responsibility to grovel is his.

    Never chase after anyone. It only gives them power over you.


  • ldrnomo

    The more you say, the worse it will be. Trust me I know it's hard but just bite your tongue. We can't talk these people into not being in a cult we just have to wait. We have more time then they do. They're running out of money and their power is getting watered down by the internet and education so in the words of Mccartney "let it be"

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Your scond letter is good, but I wouldn't make it more than 2 or 3 short paragraphs. I doubt that he'll read more than that, if at all.

    ((((HotChocolate)))) I feel for you. I found out I was regarded as bad association by my sister through my niece last week, and that she won't allow my niece to associate with me more than necessary. And I'm not df'd or da'd, never drink or do drugs!

    Hang in there!!

  • finallysomepride


  • maninthemiddle

    How about a Quote from his Email,accompanyed by an appropriate picture..

    "I was living a worldly life and I saw the shallowness of it all"..

    "So I made my decision based on lots of study to return to the truth"..


    I couldn`t make it in the Real World..

    So I read all the WBT$ Information I could find..


    Returned to the place I am most comfortable..

    ..................... ...OUTLAW

  • carvin

    First of all, ditto what bluegill said.

    I have found that many JW who "stumble" and then return are some of the most hard a$$ JW's there are. They feel like they have to make up for their past. They also feel like they are better JW's bacause they seem to have overcome greater odds, have seen the real world etc. And I am sure they feel like other JW's are watching them to see if they slip up again, so they go extra hard.

    I'm sorry I don't have anything for you to reply with. However thanks to my JW training I used to be a real smart a$$. With that in mind you could say something like - "OK I won't contact you again after this, after all I don't wont to offend your superior Christian values. I have no desire to interfere with your orders from the GB to abandon Jehovah's creation of family bonds, and the love and support system he created for the betterment of his creation. After all a few odl men in New York would naturaly have more insight into how to treat family then Jehovah would. That is why he chose them for their position because they know better."

    But it would probably do no good. Wait until he has some large problem in his life and starts needing real help. I mean help beyond - "Do more brother, for Jehovah! Then he will help you"

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