Did your wardrobe of clothes change when you left the JW'S

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  • Think About It
    Think About It

    All the old JW clothes went the way of the literature and were thrown away.

    Think About It

  • mamalove

    Definitely. I always dressed pretty snappy, but I sometimes will wear things tastefully sexy. Little cleavage if the occasion is ok. I have a couple of shorter skirts that look pretty cute with the right ensemble and dont look slutty.


    I have added dance dresses!


  • four candles
    four candles

    Yes...all the old 70's suits went,and haven't worn one in years. However I went and bought a really nice one for a family wedding this year,looks and feels really good. My attire now is usually jeans and band tour T shirts.

  • WTWizard

    I must have thrown away 20 suits that were either worn out (as I got them in poor or bad condition), no longer fit, or were blatantly ugly and tacky. I refuse to wear a suit that makes me look like a complete dork, that has big holes in the pockets or attempted repairs in the crotch areas, or the lining of which is badly torn.

    In its place, I went out to Target and got some pants that are more worldly. (This in 2005.) Then, in 2009, I realized that L.L.Bean had better quality clothing--it looks presentable even though casual. I bought something like $600 worth of stuff, including jeans and shirts (and bed clothing), early in the fall. In April, I spent another $200 on shorts and summer wearing appereil (which is money well spent). Nothing excessively dressy or shabby--just what worldly people would wear in a semi-casual setting. Nothing blatantly lewd, no wearing of my pants halfway down, and no excessively baggy pants--just presentable worldly wear. And no dry cleaning bills.

  • Farkel

    Tell you what. I never owned a leisure suit when I was a dub, but I got one soon after! It was a very tacky thing to do, but it was definitely NOT "Theocratic(tm)!" That's why I got one!

    A year or so later, I bought an expensive gorilla mask, hairy gorilla chest, hands and feet outfit and wore my leisure suit with it and went to a Halloween party. A gorilla in a leisure suit. It was a hit at the party. I never had my ass grabbed more (except in San Francisco) than that night. That's TWO "Theocratic(tm)" rules I broke! THREE if you count the ass-grabbing! What a feeling of freedom from tyranny I had that night.


  • mimimimi

    I got rid of most of my dresses and suits, donated and gave away to people who could use them - just kept a couple of attractive ones for funerals and weddings. But I also started to buy more nice pant outfits and have worn those for weddings and funerals also. I spend most of my time in jeans any more and workout clothes. I may never buy another dress again as long as I live.

  • cantleave

    I still wear suits (a pre-requisite for sales) but just for work - not for anything else. One of the first items of clothing I bought after exiting was a Guns n Roses Tee Shirt, because the slimebags at the WT hated guns n roses.

  • Heaven

    Yes. I can't get my North Star running shoes anymore.

    North Star Running Shoes

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    Last time I moved I went through everything I owned and if it made me feel like a JW i got rid of it. three garbage bags went to good will. I am slowly getting an upgrade. just "cuter" stuff that makes me feel like a woman not a JW

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