WT article on ''never have we said Jehovah has said"

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  • VM44

    The Watchtower HAS said "The Lord Says"!

    The Watchtower - July 1, 1943

    "The Lord Says"

    1. Special Pioneers must preach 175 hours, with 50 back-calls per month.
    2. Pioneers must preach 150 hours, with as many back-calls per month and studies that can be properly developed.
    3. Publishers must meet the quota of 60 hours and 12 back-calls per month and at least one study a week for each.
    4. All must use territory assignment cards. The cards must be within 20 miles of home location or considered both "foolishness" & "unfaithfulness."
    5. Must cover territory four times in six months.

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  • Atlantis
  • Atlantis

    This link might make the scan smaller.



  • jwfacts

    That is a great scan Atlantis. How ironic for the the Awake mission statement to appear on the very same page, proving them liars. The whole article is strange, calling other religions doomsday groups, when the Watchtower is one of the most prominent of the doomsday cults of the 21st century. A classic case of cognitive dissonance.

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    Thank you!


  • Heaven

    Instructions on how to write for the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society:

    1) Open mouth as wide as you can.

    2) Place left foot firmly in open mouth.

    3) With foot in mouth, continue writing as if you were normal.

    I guess these clowns haven't learned yet to "Never say never."

  • wasblind

    Oh boy !!! Atlantis,

    That's pure art to my apostate eyes, I'm almost tempted

    to suggest that be hung next to the Mona Lisa at the Louvre

    but like all WT literature it's best used in the nearest out house

    anyway you have truly given me a great christmas gift, thanks

  • Lion Cask
    Lion Cask

    This is an Actual Recording from a hidden mic in the boardroom of the Watchtower headquarters in Brooklyn. It is very revealing insofar as it provides a candid perspective of the inspired Biblical interpretation and subsequent doctrine making process of the Governing Body. They are using code words so that any rank and file people who just happen to wander in don't understand what they're saying, which is pretty much status quo anyway.


  • wasblind

    LOL Lion cask,

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