Did the GB become the Pope over JWs in 2010?

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    I heard a figure of like 800 young Witnesses are in prison in South Korea over the military issue. South Korea may offer no substitute for military service but the Witnesses are never given information on the negotiations between the Branch and Government representatives.

    How many current GB members spent time in Jail or Prison over the Draft and conscription issue, or lost a child over the Blood issue.

  • drewcoul

    Great Thread!!!

    I have long thought that the GB was similar to the Pope. Even though they area group, they act as a single unit, or a collective person. (isn't that what they claim in reference to the "Faithful and Discreet Slave?")

    On one hand, they claim to not be infallible. On the other hand, they claim that they speak for Jesus and he is directing his people through them. So, in essence, they are not infallible, but JW's must treat them as if they are. I have NEVER had a witness answer this question: If the GB and WT society are not infallible, why must they be treated and followed as if they are infallible? Just a lot of stumbling and stuttering when you ask them.

    I must say, there is much I miss about the JW's, and much that I admire and love about my former JW friends and brothers......(and I do miss them)....but the GB has obviously made themselves the Pope of the JW's.

  • drewcoul

    I remember a talk where one of the elders said "If the society tells us to plant our cabbages upside down, then we should plant our cabbages upside down." I remember thinking it was crazy at the time, but it took me 8 more years to get out......

  • Ding

    This is just another example of the fact that the rest of the "anointed" don't do anything different than any other dub except eat a little bread and drink a little wine one night a year.

    They have nothing to do with providing "meat in due season."

    In the end, the message is the same as always: "The voice of the organization is the voice of God (even when they're wrong)."

  • Vidiot

    bohm - "I have wondered the past couple of weeks if the "new" GB is feeling nostalgic for the "good old days" in the 50s ..."

    From what I've gathered, they've been nostalgic for the 50s since the 50s.

    Like all conservative groups, the 60s really freaked them out, and they've never recovered.

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    Every since I really started to understand the truth about the "truth" I have been amazed at how close they are to being the same as the Pope. I just do not understand how the r&f cannot see that. I truly is like they have blinders on.

    I remember listening to the WT you are speaking of and I was dumbfounded by how blatant they were that we are to follow them no matter what it seems to clear to me now on the outside looking in.

    I truly think the only reason they are not in the news like the Catholics over pedophiles is because they are such a small religion, I know they think and claim they are 7 million and larger then some Country's but still in the grand picture they are not that large compared to the Catholics. I believe the abuse of children is larger in the JW's than the abuse of children in the Catholics when you compare numbers of members. I hope and want to believe that it is only a matter of time before they get even more in the spot light.

    Also with the blood issue, I hope that someday soon someone will be able to expose the stand on Blood for what it truly is following man made rules.

    I would like to believe that it is like a house of cards that will someday get blown down.


  • diamondiiz

    They've been pushing GB for the last several years to the point of worship and 2010 was no exception. I think it was in early 2010 or in 2009 where they came out with their brillian statement in the watchtower study that Jesus and Jehovah trust GB. WTF? They are pushing a heavier dose of mind control on the flock than in the years past which I'm only guessing that in the future date they will have to change some major doctrines where the dumbed down r&f won't even blink but will buy into it. Maybe 1914 will go or 144k will become symbolic but at present they need to indoctrinate the flock that if they trust GB they will gain salvation otherwise they will die at armageddon. Fear in the hands of the leaders is a wonderful thing. US is doing this with people to take their liberties away and this religion scares the living crap out of it's members so they don't leave. It's surprising that most governments don't treat wts as a cult and warn people about being involved with it.

  • yknot
    From what I've gathered, they've been nostalgic for the 50s since the 50s.
    Like all conservative groups, the 60s really freaked them out, and they've never recovered.

    Spot on!

    When Rutherford banned beards it was to disassociate with Russell's image and appear progressive....

    Knorr's dress codes too were to appear modern and progressive.

    We wanted to look polished and appearing to have 'spiritual paradise' and all the answers you could ever want to hear.....a group you wanted to join...

    Now we look 'stepford' in the field, slutty at the assemblies and too many of us are overweight due to the stresses of being a JW.....there is no modernity just a tired people constantly on a hamster wheel to nowhere....

  • peacefulpete

    Using their words we are suposed to become their followers. This says it all doesn't it.

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