How long did it take you to get rid of your WTS library & literature?

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  • I need a lot of help
    I need a lot of help

    Why don`t you dump it in frount of KH and leave a sign saying this stuff is only good for whipping one ass.

  • serenitynow!

    Got a couple huge boxes of it downstairs. I like to look at that stuff from time to time.

  • Hairyhegoat

    Not long as we used the mags and books to line the cat litter trays!! Oh and when we ran out of bog roll we wiped our ass on the mags aswell.

    This is the only use for there garbage they print. Down with the WTBTS in 2011..


  • flipper

    I stopped attending meetings in December of 2003 and when I moved to a new apartment in September of 2004 I threw out 99 % of my JW library collected for 44 years into a garbage dumpster. I had everything from Russell's " Studies in the Scriptures " to " Harp of God " and bound volumes from 1940's through until 2003. And all the rest of the publications. Just chucked it all . Didn't want anyone else getting poisoned in the mind

  • SlipnSlide

    I have been throwing much of it away cuz I was not taking that crap across the country. I kept most of it because most of it belonged to my mother, so I got up one day and said no more. Since I live with in-laws temporarily, I only kept my large NWT bible and the last Watchtower library 2009 that I received last year before fading. The in-laws seem to think that since I don't have much literature that they can "place some" with me. Nah uh uh! I finally don't feel guilty about throwing the mags and books out and I don't care if I get looks from the folks in the congo cause I'm finally free!

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    Within weeks of making the decision to break with them;

    - courtesy of half a dozen matches, and about a gallon of kerosene!


  • The Finger
    The Finger

    I still have all of my purchases of literature. You never know one day they may ask me to give a Public talk and I may need to do some research.


    Basically right now at this time I am not reading Jehovahs Witness literature as I am going on my indpendent road and like listening to Harold Camping with his Open Forum program . He is now the only one for me to tune in and listen I put him on the first place on radio and he is the only one Bible preacher on radio I conisider seriously and am learning from him as my best opponent . I am siding with Jehovah's Witnesses while Harold Camping is against all organized churches. Most likely he would be against you too.

    Yet ,due to the fact Jehovah's Witnesses are the only true christian congregation it may be that the interest in their literature will arrive or be revived.

    No question the International Bible Students Association revived the defunct christianity in 1878 AD - 1921 AD.

    These dates are associated with them : 1878 AD,1879 AD,1884 AD,1914 AD - 1918 AD - 1921 AD.

    These dates are the exact copy of these dates:

    8 BC,7 BC,2 BC,29 AD - 33 AD - 36 AD when Jesus and his disciples lived and taught a new religion that was commonly opossed.

    Jehovah's Witnesses continue the tradition of the watchtower ( name ) and are a legitimate successors .

    Go to

    You should get a glimpse why I wrote you will be looking for the books you throw away .

    No wonder they are also opposed commonly throughout the world.We have a repetition of what had happened before already .

  • witness2witness

    In all seriousness....I am working on my Masters in Theology, and have a love for JWs. I already have a ton of literature, but am always looking to add to the collection. If anyone is looking to get rid of material, and wants it to go to a home that is focused on witnessing to witnesses, let me know.


  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    My library is bigger now than it ever was. No Dub can BS me about what they taught or teach and I love it when they try.

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