How long did it take you to get rid of your WTS library & literature?

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  • jookbeard

    my ex wife inherited the whole lot,bound volumes/Proclaimers Book/ Greek Interlinear (regret) had most of the crap from the 60's and 70's regret not hanging on the the GI and The NWT she even kept The King James and NIV.

  • wobble

    I packed my bound volumes in boxes a few months after leaving,with the intention of dumping them at the Household Waste depot.

    Then I read about the changes between original copies and bound vols. and between bound vols. and CD's and thought I might hang on to them for the sake of proving what a lying bunch of redactors the WT are.

    They still may go down the dump if they get in the way too much.

    I kept my Interlinear and one Deluxe NWT for reference,and my copies of "Studies in the Scriptures", just too funny to dump, I kept nothing else, apart from some old crap I believe I have in the loft, must get round to clearing that one day, sigh.

  • Bluegill

    Funny you should ask.....Haven't been to a meeting in 2 years...Tossed a Live Forever Book and Family Book today!!


  • Terry

    Whenever anybody sells us books at the bookstore and the lot of them contains some Watchtower related publications I always set them aside for the dumpster. Technically, since these books have no actual retail price we cannot sell them for half. (i.e. half of ?, you see..)

    I glance through them and spot read and it never fails to turn my stomach.

    Especially the Babylon the Great has!

    What a load of Freddy crap that one is.

    And to think I memorized all the chronology list in the back!!

    I kept the Aid to Bible Understanding and the New World Translation with me for years AS THOUGH they contained priceless information!

    Probably 20 years, all in all.

    One day, I just woke up and finally saw it for what it really was: a waste of my life.

    Hello Mr.Trashcan; meet your new friends!!!

  • doofdaddy

    The wt literature was the first to go, once my eyes were opened. I needed to purge all those lies that I swallowed for 20 yrs. Geez, I look back and realise that I actually had that rubbish in a prominent place in my lounge room, for all to see...Cringe

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    It took me a few years to decide to unburden my bookshelves of WT crapola.

    Then, a few years after that, I realized that the most effective ammunitionagainst the WT was its own publications, and I began a WT library dedicated to helping overthrow the WTB&TS. Dedicated to this new humanitarian purpose, the library has been much more effective than I imagined it would be, although, I admit, not as effective as I had hoped.

    Many have been helped, but many more remain victims of "the cruelest show on earth."

  • factfinder

    I have boxes of books and magazines down the basement.

  • Finally-Free

    I left all my WT crap behind when I left my ex, which was 6 months after I DA'd. I still had access to my mom's WT crap for the next 3 years. I didn't use it, but I didn't feel I had the right to throw out her stuff. I trashed it right after she died. I also threw out all my "apostate" literature 2 years ago. It was taking up space, and I didn't need anymore convincing.

    I might still have a WT CD lying around somewhere among all my other junk.


  • Hairyhegoat

    It all went in those chastity bags the morons drop round every other day. HAD TO LOL one Sunday mornining when my bags blocked the car park gates . And the elder had to move the bags full of my shity underpants and mags/ books with his own hands before the meeting could start !!! They are used to shoveling shit from the faitfull slave..

    HHG Merry Xmas all

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    My great-uncle gave his Bible Students and Rutherford WTBTS publications to my father. I grew up with occult symbols and pyramids. It terrified me. I asked my mom so innocently how the Witnesses could publish the very stuff they condemn. She said they celebrated Christmas in her day and suggested a gift of Kingdom books.

    My father was very abusive. When he died, we wanted the stuff out immediately. Stupidly, we donated it to the local Kingdom Hall, which undoubtely burned it. Later, I read that religion scholars were trying to get hold of it with great difficulty. I could have received a tax donation for donating to Columbia University, my undergrad school.

    Oh, I had great difficulty at college between the legitimate Witness teachings and culture and my personal history. I burned a New World Translation in a metal soup can a la Andy Warhol. Not thinking the fire would leave the can, it burned the floor severely. My rage was explosive. It was nice watching it burn, baby, burn.

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