District Convention speaker recommendations 2011

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  • billyboy

    Every year the WTBTS asks a few select top elders / COs to "rate" the brothers in their circuit to see if they qualify to give talks on District conventions. It would seem that the Society are concerned that some brothers are being a bit faddy in shaving their heads. Extract:

    The brothers you recommend will already have handled circuit assembly or special assembly dayparts; therefore, your ratings should be based on what you have observed. If you know that using a certain brother could be offensive to some in the audience because of past problems or family difficulties, weigh his recommendation carefully. The following questions may help in rating speakers: What is the reputation of the brother as a speaker in the circuit? Is he warm and enthusiastic before a large audience? Can he develop outlined material well? Can he clearly explain the Scriptures? Is he logical and coherent in his delivery? Is he articulate and fluent? Are his presentations easy to listen to and follow? Is he known as a humble, reasonable, and balanced man? Are he and his family well respected and a good example for others to follow? Is he zealous in the ministry? Conversely, these questions should also be considered: Does he have a reputation for being opinionated and dog-matic? Is he known as one who is harsh in judgment? Does he view his own opinion on matters as the final word? Does he procrastinate or handle assignments in a cavalier fashion? If there are questions about his dress or grooming has he responded to counsel? Discernment should be exercised when determining this matter. For instance, perhaps a close shaven hair-cut is related to a health matter or the brother may be balding or this has been his hairstyle for many years and is not a cause of concern. The brother’s overall life pattern should be taken into consideration when determining whether he is truly given to following fads.—

    w92 8/15 p. 14 pars. 19-21.
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  • clarity

    Billyboy hi,

    Don't you think they forgot to add the most important qualification .......Does the Brother understand completely... the theocratic warfare 'doctrine'!!!


  • OnTheWayOut

    "Is he an enthusiastic YES MAN with no known scandals?"

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Re: hair: What is too long and what is too short? Idiots.

  • chickpea

    are his selections of ties conservative
    or do they scream "look at me?"

  • yourmomma

    this is great, the are making it impossible for people to be elders, and speakers as DC's. i've come to the conclusion that while its a cult, its not run by very bright men.

  • mentallyfree31

    The funniest assembly was when I saw a pretty good speaker interview a lady who was wearing crocs with a dress.

    Hilarious. LOL


  • cantleave

    When I started balding and decided to crop my hair all over I was heavily criticised. I was setting a bad example to younger ones. When I gave my reasons I was told a "comb-over" was a preferable option to a crew cut.

    CL - Balding overweight class

  • jamiebowers

    LOL! Watch this video of an exjw:


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