District Convention speaker recommendations 2011

by billyboy 11 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • WTWizard

    I hope that, as a result of these stupid rules, they run out of "brothers(??)" to deliver all the parts. Of course, those male chauvinist pigs will never allow a "sister(??)" to deliver the parts, no matter what.

    And, if they get so desperate as to have me do it, I will make sure to deliver something that will be as damaging to Jehovah's reputation as I can. I will mention that Tyrant David is about as righteous as Osama Bin Laden--and would have had people fly planes into buildings or blow things up because they didn't serve Jehovah as easily as Bin Laden would have done so because they didn't serve Allah. And that Satan tried to liberate mankind from Jehovah--as did Jesus. And, if part of the talk discusses Hezekiah, I will mention that Jehovah stole 30 years of his life and made himself look like a hero by returning half that.

    Or, not show up at all.

  • reds

    In their estimation, I wonder if Jesus would have qualified!

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