Will jws be at your and your neighbor's doorstep this Saturday?

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  • WTWizard

    At the place where I live, there are relatively few witlesses that work the complex. Chances are very low of getting those cockroaches to show up while in regular field circus--they never stopped to give us our wastes of paper during the past several years' worth of waste of paper distribution campaigns despite clear instruction that finishing the whole territory on time was mandatory.

    However, that doesn't stop some dingbat from showing up at my door specifically to try and drag me back to the Kingdumb Hell the next day. Hopefully they will be blinded with all the "sun worship" lights I will be having running and deafened by all the "sun worship" music.

  • Joey Jo-Jo
    Joey Jo-Jo

    steve2: they may have all move to Australia but yeah I dont think its nothing like pre 1975

  • OnTheWayOut

    While my situation wouldn't allow for it, I would recommend to non-JW's who get the call on Saturday to say,
    "Merry Christmas. We would love to invite you in for a warm drink while the children play with their presents."

    ...or keep interrupting them so they can't get their presentation across with "Merry Christmas" and "I'm so glad to see you guys spreading the true message of Christmas cheer." And invite them over and over again to your church.

  • Inside Man
    Inside Man

    a lot of the elders in the united states will be at there elder schools on christmas. which means 90 percent of the flock will be at home not bothering you.

  • SlipnSlide

    My in-laws will be out in service so that means that me and the hubby will have the house to ourselves for 3 whole hours. Yippee!

  • ziddina

    Like Steve2 and WTWizard said, JWs are kinda "thin on the ground" here in the U.S. - at least, in Colorado...

    I don't think I'll see any...

  • Heaven

    Well, I highly doubt they'll be at our doorsteps. They've only been to my door 3 times in over 4 years and only once was I home. The other 2 times was to leave invites to the Reject Jesus Party (which I didn't go to because once, I had to wash my hair, and the other time, I had to change the tires on my jeep). I work from home regularly too... almost every week.

    But I won't be home so unless they leave something in the door, I won't know.

    My strategy is very simple with them. I tell them who they are (because they don't do this), I tell them my Dad is a JW and I get the magazines from him (so they don't leave any) and then I launch into a story about how miserable my JW family members are and how can they be so unhappy with such wonderful hopes and beliefs? If they bring up Christmas being pagan I'd have them look up Colossians 2:16 and then enlighten them on the fact that their religion's main symbol, the Watchtower, is Pagan.

    They are usually dying to get off my porch by then.

  • steve2

    If they bring up Christmas being pagan I'd have them look up Colossians 2:16 and then enlighten them on the

    fact that their religion's main symbol, the Watchtower, is Pagan.

    Heaven what an absolutely brilliant response - it's even better that the time I informed a then-close JW friend of mine that she was wearing one of the oldest symbols of paganism - her wedding ring!!

    She awkwardly spluttered something about "the need to be reasonable and that we cannot avoid all pagan symbols in our lives". To which I said "Exactly! and how come your well-meaning leaders in New York have taken it upon themselves to warn you about the pagan symbols you should absolutely avoid and what ones you can decide for yourself". Result? From a close JW friend to... no friend

    I bet she doesn't admire that gleaming old family-handed-down wedding ring as much as she once did though.

  • crapola

    They will miss me if they stop by my house. I'll be at my daughter's opening presents and having fun!

  • JunkYardDog

    I sure hope the jw's stop by on x mas. or any other day

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