Will jws be at your and your neighbor's doorstep this Saturday?

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  • trillaz

    Sorry if this sounds the wrong way, but those in my local congregation were always eager for service on the holidays. It's almost like they wanted to be out and experience what the holidys were about. Personally, the holidays never meant much to me. They can come knock or not knock. Just another day and I dislike my neighbors.

  • orangefatcat

    I have been fairly lucky over the last 11 yrs. I have had one telepone call. No visits to my home, but when I have been a patient in the hospital I have had twice the elders stop by the bedside thinking I was someone that was inactive. Until they see me and knew it was me. The last time when i was in the hospital the elder was just not getting the scene, here i am ill and he wants to yak and i said call me when i am out, so when i am out of the hospital i called my ex and told him to tell that elder not to bother calling me because i wasn't interested in speaking to them about he organizaiton. So he must have called him because that elder never did call me or show up. Thank God for that

    I think they just don't take NO for an answer no matter what you tell them. They don't get the message until it is wrtiten on your door or building with high security and that is what i have high security because i live in a senoirs residents.

    I think that the witnesses just go to the doors on holiday just to be a pain in the buttt, like my ex, he would think it to be gleeful to disturb people after their festivities and on New YEARS he was the same. I mean if we had the tables turned and we were all the peddlers in the world and we called on them at the crack of dawn Saturdays and Sundays or during the week they would be furious so they should walk a mile in our shoes before they come pounding on our doors.


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