December 15th WT gives example of sister who quit her job so she could go to an convention.

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  • aquagirl

    Reminds me of all of the "househgolder as about to commit suicide or homicide,but the dub stopped him" stories that were wafting around when I was a kid.I never believed them,even when I still believed in "Gilligans Island".

  • Confucious

    How pissed would you be as a business owner if Roxana did this to you.

    Ok... if your a JERK - I cand see it.

    But most of the time - you know the convention - what a good 5 months ahead of time?

    So she's asking for a weekend off 5 months ahead of time?

    And you think if Roxana was worth a $hit - that he's NOT going to be like, OMG... she's just asking for 3 days off.

    Think about it.

    Unless he was a uber jerk - he's going to figure something out.

    And if not - there would be a good reason.

    Not to mention - if it was really that urgent - think about how her NOT showing up for work would effect a) the business b) the other workers who have to take her place.

  • cheerios

    complete rubbish.

    i suppose they paid her 3000 euros per month lol. on another note, i am sure that apologists will point to these kind of examples to show why you dont need a college education ... the great invisible sky daddy will motivate managers of companies to just sporadically employ you as long as you put GB interests first

  • watersprout
    saw a "Help Wanted" sign for experienced operators of industrial sewing machines, ans she applied for a job. The manager realized that she no experience but offered her a job anyway, at almost double the wages she had been earing. Roxana felt that her prayers had been answered. The greatest blessing, however, was that she was able to share the good news with several of her fellow workers. Five of them, including the manager, accepted the truth and were baptized."



  • The Finger
    The Finger

    One of my relatives couldn't get the time off from his job to attend the convention, he had been on welfare for along time before getting the job.

    He gave up his job and attended all three days of the convention and returned to the welfare system for quite awhile.

    Meanwhile in next kingdom hall they appointed an Elder who not only missed half the convention because of his job but also half the meetings. I asked an Elder about this appointment. They said they needed him they only had eight and there was at least 75-100 publishers.

  • ballistic

    Wow, what a fantastic upbuilding story.. Just like, yeah remember the one... you better be reading the Bible and truth book in bed at night, because there could be a robber hiding right under your bed and they might steal your books but come into the truth and happen to sit next to you at the assembly!!!

  • kurtbethel

    Then she met Andre while pioneering, they married and lived happily ever after.

  • snakeface

    They SHOULD quit their jobs and get their asses to the convention. That would create job openings for the rest of us.

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