ive been to hospital and had a biopsy taken from a lump in my breast today

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  • looloo

    i was expecting to just get examined then told it was nothing to worry about but i also had a mamogram , then scan . the lump i was worried about was ok but the scanner found one behind it that she was not sure about , she took a biopsy from it after i had a local anesthetic and sent me back to the doctor who told me i would now have to wait a week for those results ! when i had arrived i was told i would be told today if everything is ok ! now im worried as i have a 6 year old who often says to me "mummy i never want you to die , even if you are old !" have any of you had this experiance or know anybody who had a good outcome and even had breast cancer but survived it ? i am 42 and had never checked for lumps until 3 weeks ago , so ladies and gents get checking yourselves !

  • mrsjones5

    I hope it's nothing.

    Geez, I have to make another breast flattening appointment.

  • watersprout

    I'm thinking of you Looloo and you are in my prayers! I really hope you are ok...


  • looloo

    thankyou watersprout x

  • looloo

    thankyou watersprout x

  • Coffee House Girl
    Coffee House Girl

    Best wishes & I hope for some peace for you for this week while you are waiting for results- My boss' wife did have breast cancer & after chemo and radiation- she was in remission...now after 5 years she was declared cancer free from the doc- it is possible :)

    best of luck & yes I will have CSG check for lumps (seriously)


  • looloo

    thanks coffee house girl , thats a positive story x

  • cantleave

    looloo I can only imagine how stressful that would be , the good thing is you are in the system quickly and they are dealing with things speedily. Our thoughts are with you hoping you get good news.

  • clearpoison

    I hope it is not what the worst case scenario would be. I know several ladies that have survived breast cancer, actually I do not personally know any that have died of it. It is mentally very hard time to get cured, all the treatments take their toll, weighing your options must be pressing too. But after, those I know have fully recovered and are actually enjoying life even more than before.


  • dgp

    Looloo, I personally know women who have survived breast cancer. Be confident and strong. You will make it.

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