ive been to hospital and had a biopsy taken from a lump in my breast today

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  • ziddina

    Looloo, my biological mother had "lumps" in her breasts, but they were benign... Seems that she has a genetic tendency to develop fibrous cysts [spelling??] that are non-cancerous... I tend towards highly fibrous breast matter, myself - no lumps yet, though... Zid

  • mouthy

    loolooWhen I was 27( now 83) I also had a lump... they removed it. Now my Landlady is 89yrs old
    Had one taken out when she was 59.had chemo,is fine there now at 89 she has cancer in the nostril, goes for Chemo
    So just try not to worry to much cos stress isnt a good thing.

    " Heavenly Father You know this little ones problem,We on this site are asking for your intervention
    hoping the news will be GOOD NEWS!! we all ask this in the name of JESUS CHRIST AMEN"

    ps ...those that dont believe in Christ send good vibes please

  • looloo

    bless you mouthy that is so kind thankyou and everyone xx

  • Adiva

    I understand how you feel. I found a lump in my breast a couple of years ago and had it biopsied. Turned out to be benign but, that time of waiting to find out the results was probably the longest day(s) of my life. I hope it's nothing serious but as you've said, it's a good reminder to all us ladies to check those breasts!!

  • jgnat

    Scoop up your little girl for cuddles and confidently tell her you will live for ever and ever and ever. That is what she needs from her mommy now.

    The waiting is the hardest part now, not knowing. Indulge and distract yourself a little.

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