Worldwide Service Report for 2010 / Yearbook 2011

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  • steve2

    How about someone giving us a scan of the Worldwide Service Report from the Yearbook? I like to see how specific countries are doing.

  • davidl7

    Alanv wrote in part "It is reliabaly [sic] reported that two thirds of those brought up in the religion leave during their adulthood. So the facts already show that many leave."

    Those stats came from a Pew Research Survey, which indeed are considered to be reliable. However, the Pew Research Survey also indicated that the Witnesses had the highest percentage of converts and conversion growth rate. Most people who are Witnesses are formerly from Protestant or Catholic churches as well as from other religious groups. What the Pew study does not shed light into is the fact in most cases those who were supposedly raised as Witnesses came from homes in which the parents converted when their children were teenagers or young adults. It is those cases in which Witnesses "lose" them. How many times have I spoken to a person who identifies himself as an Ex-Witness, and when I questioned if he or she was baptized they say no... and on further speaking with them, they reveal that their parents became Witnesses when they were young teens or young adults, and may have some point agreed with the Witness teachings, but prefer to go back to a more "liberal" church or no church at all. I know of 5 friends of mine who parents became Witnesses (in 1 case only the mother became a Witness), and they may attended meeting at first perhaps 1-3 years, but then stopped. The children associated themselves with the Witnesses, even though, in 3 out of the 5 cases, they were never became unbaptized publishers, and 2 were irregular publishers. None were ever baptized. What I find interesting, is that in all cases, they preferred to go back to their former churches (or none at all). They felt they had more freedom, including being able to engage in non-marital sex, without getting into trouble (on the other, the Witnesses will discipline or expel one for immoral practices.) Interestingly, 2 of the guys were raised in evangelical churches, and wanted to go back for more "freedom." One even said it doesn't matter if you fornicate 77 times, Jesus will forgive you. The others left the churches all together, but at least 2 admitted that the Witnesses may have right when it comes to following the moral laws of the Bible--they just didn't want to follow those laws, so did refused to really become Witnesses, even though they label themselves as Ex-Witnesses. So it may be more difficult for young teen minds that were corrupted by the churches to accept the strict biblical moral teachings. Interestingly, recent studies have shown many raised as Evangelicals leave the church by the time they graduate from High School. Another friend of mine was raised as an evangelical, and left the church when she went to college. She said she felt the church was filled with hypocrisy, condemning the world for disobeying the moral laws of the Bible, yet practically everyone in her church "had their hidden closest filled with skeletons."

  • metatron

    Are these statistics real? Well, that depends on what you think you are measuring!

    It's fair to say that you have 7+ million compliant people who report time and lit/magazine placements.

    However, ask yourself - if this activity is real, do they have 2.5% more donations? More factories? More printing presses? More Bethelites? More Branch Offices? And so they have more Professors in various countries? So. I guess that means the magazines are filled with intellectual rigor and accuracy, right?

    You already know the answers to the above. At some point, the cold, phoney, pretense of this cult will be exposed. It isn't a religion so much as an addiction.


  • foodalls

    I find it very odd thats soo many former JW's still haven't found out yet that the "Borg" belongs to the Vatican...ever since 1982 the Vatican sieze control over ALL religions world wide! ANY, Corporation has to register to the "Mother Cororation" to OWN a corporation...and that my friends is THE VATICAN! Doesn't anyone notice that they have the very same problem the Vatican is small wonder there!

    The REAL reason for all the "Cut-Backs" they have had to make is because of all the pending lawsuits they are trying to settle "Out-of-Court" without waking up their "Sheople" AND, I have another question...WHERE ARE ALL THE "EX-JW's moving too...other religions???...and if they do where are they going???

    WHY..hasn't the BORG have not mentioned ANYTHING about what happened on September 11th 2001...Knowing that 27 brothers and sister perished that day...WITHOUT so mauch as a "Whipper" from them??? Another point of interest is WHY don't they ever comment about the 1000's of UFO's being seen all over the world for the last 60 years??? This is open for anyone...Oooooh ONE more question...WHY, don't they know ANYTHING about Earth's REAL History... because it is NOT what we were Taught it is...our earth's real history goes back 980,000 years..WHY ARE ALL THE MISSING HISTORY...NOT IN THEIR FILES??? We humans have been on this planet far longer then we were taught we were and MUCH MORE ADVANCED THAN WE ARE TODAY...Don't they know that???

  • DeeDubs

    Anyone have a scan of the report?

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    What difference does it make whether someone who abandons the religion was "born in", or introduced to it later in childhood or youth?

    A lost person is a lost person - period!

    That two out of every three persons raised in the cult ultimately abandon it indicates that something is seriously wrong:

    - and furthermore, will remain seriously wrong, as long as the powers that be continue to keep their heads buried deep in the sand.

    The serious loss of young persons from this cult is not a new phenomenon. During the mid-1970s, I can recall it being the focus of much of the program at one Circuit Assembly. At that stage, 50% of those raised "In The Truth" abandoned it. Now the figure is 67% - so whatever was done 35 years ago to counter this trend has failed spectacularly!


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