Worldwide Service Report for 2010 / Yearbook 2011

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  • wannabefree
    Head of house is allowed to claim 4 hrs/month with children living in the house.

    This was changed recently to allow both husband and wife to count the time, but only one counts a study.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    That's not how the death rate works, Wokl . The death rate (aka mortality rate) of 1% is actually a HIGH estimate, not a low one (it is actually 0.84% as of 2009). But it is safe to say that for every relatively normal group of humans, around one in a hundred will die each year.

  • stapler99

    Any chance of any scans?

    In the UK, at least, any percentage growth is explainable by immigration. (This would explain the decrease in Poland as well!)

    Do we know what the world population growth is? Even if the proportion of world population increases, the consititution of it will become more and more Third World.

  • steve2
    U.S.A.: publishers average 1,115,786
    G.B: publishers average 129,230
    Germany: publishers average 162,611
    Brasil: publishers average 706,699
    Australia: publishers average 63,951
    Of the larger countries, there is slight decrease (minus 0 point ... %) in average number of publishers only in Germany and Poland.

    Interesting figures. When I get the chance, I'll compare them with last year.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    World population growth rate is around 1.1%. That takes into account the approximately 2.1% birth rate and 1% death rate.

  • Gayle

    Yay,,,,U.S. had in *2009* 1,096,502 avg. pubs., so there was only 1.76% increase. (of course report will round that up to 2%)

    Britain was in 2009 128,435 ave pubs so only .6% increase (report will round that up to 1%)

    Germany - 162,890 - decrease of 279 less

    Brazil - 689,577 increase 2%

    Austrailia - was 63,454, increase 497 so .8% increase

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    The USA growth rate is 0.98%, so the JWs are indeed growing here.

    The UK growth rate is 0.47% so they are still growing slightly there, too.

    Australia's growth rate is 1.2% so there is actually a DEcrease there in relation to the overall population.

    Brazil's growth rate is 1.2% so they are still growing slightly, too.

  • factfinder

    @behemot- thanks for the figures!

    RE: those trying to figure out how many fell away: remember, besides those who died many were disfellowshipped. I remember the number being around 60,000 DF per year. Does anyone have info on this?

    I was counted as a publisher in 1976 and 1977 but did not get baptized until 1978. I don't see how baptism figures (and these ones are already included in the Av. and PK. Pub figures) can be used as an indication of how many fell away. The society simply reports how many got baptized during the year- all are already publishers and counted as such. The 294,000 baptized are included in the 7,500,000 publisher figure.

    The increase in congregations is 1,912. This works out to 5.2 per day.

    In 2009 the increase was 2031 or 5.5 per day. I remember when it was over 7 per day.

    How do they explain the continuing increase of partakers? A lot of annointed are falling away and need to be replaced? Maybe the whole 144,000 need to be replaced!

  • alanv

    Factfinder I believe the society disfellowship around 1% a year. But these are still people that they have lost. Remember you don't have to be disfellowshipped. If you say sorry and admit you have done wrong you will not be kicked out. So those who are disfellowsipped and certainly those who disassosiate themselves wanted to leave. So it is still right to say that the society have lost these ones.

  • factfinder

    Hi alanv! Thanks!

    I just don't think we can accuratly find out how many really leave the "truth" each year by using the annual service year report figures.

    The % of increase for most countries is a lot less than it used to be so it seems at least some people are finding out the truth about "the truth" and therefore are not becoming witnesses.

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