Shackled to the Watchtower: A distinction every Jehovah's Witness should acknowledge

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  • Nickolas

    If one was to take a poll of all the registered users of this board he might be surprised by the number of people who still attend meetings and/or still go door to door. A contributor to a recent thread, expressing worry that she is on the threshold of being outed, posited that fear is what fills the seats in the Kingdom Hall. Fear, not love. That fear, of being labeled an apostate or unworthy and subsequently disfellowshipped and shunned, contributes significantly to the glue that binds the organisation together. The threat of disfellowshipping, particularly of those who are born-in, represents a great and painful punishment for failure to conform. Loss of family, friends, social safety net, even one's job and inheritance.

    The effect is that at least some of the people who you rub shoulders with at the meetings don't want to be there. While they for the most part retain their faith in God and Jesus they are Jehovah's Witnesses in name only and would very much like to leave. Their secret thoughts by Society definition disqualify them from being part of God's chosen people. Yet they quietly and meekly remain, not because they want to, but because they have no other viable choice. They are shackled to the Watchtower, prisoners held against their will. Artificially higher membership in the Society contributes to its worldly and material presence, but what advantage is this to God?

    What your Governing Body seems not to realise is the practice of disfellowshipping and shunning is causing the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society to rot from within. If we set aside the contradictions and assume for a moment that the Society's representation of being God's Chosen People is indeed Truth, do you really think God wants these people in His organisation?

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    How many people saw what happened to one (or more) of their friends that "voiced their opposition to doctrine."

    I bet it solidified unity as they made others "the examples."

    Gives me the chills!


  • darth frosty
  • clarity


    The image of a very loooooonnnng line of victims being shackled together by the ankles.....staggering to keep in step, is enlightening.

    Sort of explains why we are viewed with suspicion if we try to slow down and take a look at where we are going. But even more so, if we want to examine the past history of why we are walking like this.

    The society sees this as affecting the guy ahead of you and the one shackled behind you. So out comes the whip! ...and threat of more punishment if you try to stop!


  • life is to short
    life is to short

    Very great post. I know looking back I felt trapped but did not have the words to voice my thoughts. I know that may sound strange but being raised in the religion and then marrying an elder I had no voice to question anything I did not even know the words I needed to speak so as to question things. Every time I questioned anything I was either told my thinking was skewed, or to wait for the new light. I used to wish I had learned the "truth" as an adult so I would know for sure it was the "truth." I was always told I was "lucky" to be a born in. You have no way to get knowledge being a born in you are just told what to think and do and you have no real choose but to go along with it.

    It took me being really mad, hurt, upset and ready to walk out of my marriage due to child molesters in my hall to wake up. I was thinking suicide was the only way out then I found this board and I read stories and met people who felt like I have my whole life. I realized I was not crazy, my thinking was not skewed and waiting for new light was as stupid as I had always thought it was.

    Knowledge is power and the Witnesses try to keep knowledge from the rank and file. Thank goodness for the internet, I do not know where I would be right now with out it.

    Thanks for the great post.


  • AGuest

    I am SO glad for your post, dear Nick (peace to you!). What you've stated is the fulfillment of John 10:12, 13, as to the WTBTS (however, it applies to more than just them):

    With regard to them, however, the "hired man"... the WTBTS GB... "abandon" the sheep... to the "wolves" [in sheep's clothing - i.e., those who APPEAR to be "clothed in love" but are not, as evidenced by their lack of MERCY]... which wolves "snatch" and "scatter" the sheep. The "hired man" DOES this... because the sheep DO NOT BELONG TO HIM. He is only a hired man... a "sharecropper"... whose task was to till the "field" of the Householder until the "harvest." He was NOT, however, to steal the Householder's sheep, which sheep already had a Shepherd.

    That hired man, however, began to call to the Householder's sheep... in fulfillment of his plan to STEAL them... and those who listened to HIS voice were led to a pen HE created. At some point, however, the TRUE shepherd, the One appointed over the sheep... who is looking for them... finds them. He arrives at the hired man's pen and begins to call sheep out. Those who hear HIS voice show themselves to belong to him... because they follow his voice and thus are led out. After that, they follow HIM back home, to the Householder's pen.

    The rest, however, are at perile. Because they don't recognize the Fine Shepherd's voice... or LISTEN to that voice... they stay in the pen. Now, the hired man doesn't actually CARE for the sheep (because they're not his, anyway)... so he does NOTHING when the "wolf" arrives. Some of these are then snatched (and, thus, injured) by the wolf... and others are scattered by the wolf (and so end up outside the pen, where they are now subject to even more wolves, if not lions and other predators. Some will die of exposure, etc.).

    Although he shouldn't have attempted to steal the Householder's sheep in the first place, as a matter of PRINCIPLE the hired man SHOULD have at least tried to protect the sheep; indeed, the Law required it (Exodus 22:1; 23:4). But he did nothing. In fact, he hid himself, to save his own skin, giving the wolf free range. As long as some of the stolen sheep remained in his pen, he couldn't care less - he had none to start with, so ANY was a gain, even if only one. But he certainly isn't going to give HIS life to save ANY of them from the wolf.

    This parable is born out, in relation to the WTBTS in the GB's abandonment of the sheep to the unlawful, hypocritical, burdensome, vile, and sometimes heinous "oversight" and "care" of the wolfish elders, CO's, branch managers, etc.. As a result of the conduct and judgments of these men, God's sheep are snatched... and scattered. Some, to their life's detriment, both physical and spiritual.

    Those sheep that listen to the voice of the Householder's TRUE Shepherd, however, that follow HIM... wherever HE goes... can be SURE that they will be protected from ALL predators, whether they be physical OR spiritual... from wolves... as well as lions that "devour"... as well as hawks... and other "flying flesh eating" things. Because these do NOT listen to the voice of strangers, hired men, they no longer risk being abandoned to such predators, to be snatched, scattered, even devoured. They can COUNT on being kept safe because that Shepherd PROVED he would give HIS life... to SAVE them from death, by any means.

    I hope this helps and I bid you peace!

    A slave of Christ,



    Good morning Nickolas..

    If we set aside the contradictions and assume for a moment that the Society's representation
    of being God's Chosen People is indeed Truth,do you really think God wants these people in His organisation?..

    The WBT$,JW Cult is based on Fear..

    Disfellowshipping is the Biggest Stick the WBT$ Carry's and they use it mercilessly..

    If there is a God,why would he need an Organization?..

    Is he crippled from a MotorCycle Accident?..

    Now he can`t do stuff he used to do,without help?..


    The word "Organization" is not in the Bible..

    ........................... ...OUTLAW

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    To use a biblical analogy, what they are doing is raking coals into their bosom.

    No wonder they are getting burned.

  • Ding


    When a JW tells me the word "Trinity" isn't in the Bible, I say, "Sure it is -- it's right next to the word `organization.'"

    They usually respond with a puzzled stare, followed shortly thereafter by a display of temper...


    [email protected]!!..

    ........................... ...OUTLAW

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