Holiday field circus: From both sides of the door

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  • WTWizard

    Here is what it is like to those on the inside of the door:

    The children got up about an hour earlier than normal. Obviously, they are anxious to start opening up the presents under the tree (and most children are not going to want to sleep in on Christmas morning). After a light breakfast, they are about to get to the presents when the doorbell goes off. The witlesses are at the door, and they successfully waste 15 minutes of the parents' time while the children are getting impatient to open their damn presents. Or, it is around 11, and they are on their way to Grandma's when the witlesses show up and waste 15 minutes of their parent's time. This pxxxes off the children, who are bound to be pxxxed off the remainder of the day. At which point, they are as likely to act up because of this disruption. That could turn what started out being a merry Christmas into a dreary Christmas.

    From the outside, it isn't quite as serious. However, there are quite a few parents that do not like the idea of the witlesses intruding on family time. True, this is often the only time they will get many householders home. But, what happens when they tell the witlesses that the children are getting ready to open their presents, want to play with them in peace, or they are expecting company? Usually, the witlesses will mark it down as "busy", but sometimes they are idiots enough that they just have to have the contact information. Or, worse, yet, they get into a discussion that, every time it seems to be ending, another issue comes up and wastes another 15 minutes of the children's present-opening or Grandma-visiting time.

    To me, this is one major reason why it is more than a nuisance to be out in field circus on Christmas Day. Other holidays, they might be simply cooking something and be able to spare 15 minutes. (Though, it would be the parents that get pxxxed off if their holiday dish is ruined). Most of the time, the witlesses at the door is about like a telemarketer call. However, on Christmas (and, if they are out in field circus in late afternoon, Halloween when children want to get trick or treating as soon as possible), it is downright offensive. I find it offensive to deliberately delay children's opening their presents on Christmas morning or starting trick or treating on Halloween. I would rather see them get up early, get a light breakfast, open their presents, and pig out at lunch when they are likely to be really hungry. Or, have a light supper at 4:30 PM or so on Halloween so they can get a nice, early start trick or treating. And then the witlesses have to show up to ruin it.

  • Farkel

    Your observations are exactly what I remember, Wiz. For me as a dub kid, Christmas was my WORST day of the year. Imagine a 12 year old kid in a pathetic little suit knocking on doors and trying to peddle religious nonsense and seeing the other kids on the other side of the door laughing and playing with all their new presents. I hated it. Every minute of it. I also hated it when my school mates asked me every year what I got for Christmas. The Watchtower religion is truly ugly and evil.

    I'm sure you also remember the big fat lie we were all told. "Jehovah's Witnesses don' t just give gifts on Christmas and birthdays. We give gifts all year around!"

    What a crock of bullshit.

    Farkel, Wasted Childhood CLASS

  • factfinder

    @Farkel- that must have really sucked for you having to go out in FS on Christmas, seeing other kids get presents and having fun and you got nothing. I read and was told witness kids get gifts year round and agree with you- it is bs! And witnesses I knew did not wrap any gifts they did give just in case someone might think they are giving birthday presents.

    WTWizard- I never thought of going on in FS on christmas the way you describe it. I did not think we were interupting the kids getting their presents. I was unaware of the disruption it caused. Back then I thought it was , as we were told, a great day to find people home and they'd be in a happy mood and want to talk about Jesus! We should not have bothered people on Christmas- you are right. Who wants to have strangers knocking on their door when they are busy with their family, kids, friends etc?

    No wonder so many people hate the witnesses. Witnesses show no consideration and bring it on themselves. True- I thought I was doing the right thing- but I was unaware of how it disrupted the children's getting their gifts and how it could ruin their day. I wish I could go back in time to 1976 and undo my becoming a witness.

  • blondie

    When I was a kid I had no choice. I had a book study conductor that always went out. I hated it, interrupting people, seeing gifts I never got myself at any time, going home to a bleak house.

    When I was older and a pioneer, I was behind in my hours and thought I could squeak in 2 hours on Xmas day. The first person accused me of not believing in Jesus...I did finally calmed her down and we parted in better understanding of each other. I went home but counted 2 hours anyway.

    As to the statement that jws gave gifts other times of the year is a crock. The only time I saw wrapped gifts was at a baby shower or a wedding. I never once was given a gift by a jw or my parents.

    Once I gave a wrapped gift to a sister and she said, "what's this for? You don't expect me to give you a gift?" Where's the love?!

  • JeffT

    I never went out in field circus on Christmas day. It just struck me as wrong.

    My wife and I gave our kids wrapped presents on our anniversary (Oct 6). We made a big deal out of it, big dinner and all that. I think we skipped meetings for it a time or two.

    Probably not surprising that we ended up here.

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    They never give gifts you are right blondie. I have given gifts to different JW's in all the halls I have been in including when we were at Bethel and nothing from any of them expect maybe two or three that I was close to. Not that I was looking for something in return expect friendship. Never any friendship was ever offered. Not even a cup of coffee. One sister told me she did not have money for coffee that was why she never invited me to her home. I said do you have water. I will bring the coffee or whatever you want this was when we were at Bethel and we HAD NO REAL MONEY and I still gave gifts. The hot water never happened but they were all none to will to come to my home for food and coffee.

    It really hurt/


  • life is to short
    life is to short

    Sorry to hijack the thread. Hated field service on Christmas, always thought it was disrespectful.


  • OnTheWayOut

    I learned early after baptism. I wouldn't go out door-to-door on Christmas Day, New Year's Day, Halloween, Mother's Day, Father's Day.

    I might have done some street work on some of those days.

    We had this idiot Service Overseer who asked for groups to go to the cemetary on Memorial Day. I said "No way."

  • AudeSapere

    Hated field service on any holiday, especially Christmas. When I got older, I left town and went skiing with friends instead.

    We had this idiot Service Overseer who asked for groups to go to the cemetary on Memorial Day. I said "No way."

    YIKES!! I never heard of this one before. I do believe this may be a good definition of 'Brazen'. No?


  • blondie

    *** km 8/98 p. 8 par. 2 Use Brochures to Appeal to Both Mind and Heart ***


    Someone You Love Dies. Many funeral directors appreciate having copies of this brochure on hand for bereaved families. Publishers who witness in cemeteries use this brochure to comfort mourners. Two sisters approached a family of seven who were praying at a grave. As a result of sharing the comforting message from the brochure, a Bible study was started with the mother the next day!

    *** km 10/94 p. 7 par. 6 Using the New Brochure Effectively ***Or you might tactfully approach grieving ones in cemeteries on occasions when they return to visit the grave of a loved one.

    *** km 6/93 p. 1 par. 3 Why Tracts Are So Valuable in Our Ministry Today ***Some publishers who were witnessing on a street that led to a cemetery saw people whitewashing graves. The publishers used the opportunity to offer them tracts. The next day was a holiday on which many people visit the cemetery, so the publishers decided to stand at the entrance of the cemetery and offer tracts. Over five hundred tracts were placed, with only three persons refusing them. The next year, publishers returned and distributed more than a thousand tracts, with only six refusals.

    *** km 5/70 p. 7 Announcements ***The world’s "Memorial Day" holiday comes on Saturday, May 30, this year. Where appropriate, special witnessing may be arranged at cemeteries; otherwise, congregations may find it advantageous to share in regular magazine day activity.

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