Holiday field circus: From both sides of the door

by WTWizard 23 Replies latest jw experiences

  • snakeface

    I would never go in service on holidays because I knew the people would be busy celebrating, and even have family members visiting, so it would be rude of me to interrupt them.

    Telemarketers don't call on holidays, so why would we go out in field service on those days?

    I am not a sports fan but I had enough sense not to go in service during the Super Bowl.

  • Girlie

    Spot on, WTW! I went door to door a couple of times on Christmas and other holidays during my time as a JW and I always felt bad because I did see it as intrusion on a "worldly's" day. Being programmed to believe I was a messenger of God 24/7, I felt duty-bound, although guilty. I just stopped preaching on holidays and made myself purposely busy in case any gung-ho JW tried to guilt me into it.

  • Soldier77

    Even as a newly appointed regular pioneer in my teens, I refused to go out on holidays. Anytime they announced a special holiday FS day and that the pioneers would be needing the support of the congregation, I said to my friend, "not this pioneer!"

  • Girlie

    Blondie, I never knew that form of preaching was sanctioned by the Society. Very disturbing. Thank god it was never encouraged in my area. This is really a depraved cult!

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