Holiday field circus: From both sides of the door

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  • Nickolas

    It happened only once, a long time ago. My wife wouldn't celebrate but I insisted that the kids have as normal a Chistmas as possible so we'd go as a family to the homes of our parents. She would make herself scarce during the gift exchange. A sad tradeoff, but I took what I could get. While at the home of my parents a couple of Witnesses came to the door late Christmas morning and I answered. I saw the book cases and suits and before the lead guy got a single word out I said "Merry Christmas, now fuck off" and closed the door. I could not believe their chutzpah. Christmas morning, for chrissakes. I told no-one in the house about it just so there would be no damper on the day. My mother already had a hate-on for Jehovah's Witnesses and last thing I needed was for sparks to fly. I almost forgot about this event. Not sure I'm happy remembering it.

  • FifthOfNovember

    I never went out on holidays. I hated the idea of disturbing people when they just want to celebrate with their family and have a nice time.

  • wizardca

    I don't recall ever going out on Christmas or major holidays witlessing. Personally, I think it's tacky to disturb people when they are spending time with their families during holidays. As a kid, my parents/grandparents would give the kids wrapped presants to celebrate their wedding anniversaries. It was usually a big deal, dressing up, the good china out, etc. Elementary/Middle/High School graduations resulted in wrapped gifts as well. We got things from our parents, but not generally wrapped. Being on the other side of the door, was in the middle of making Turkey Day dinner and the door bell rang; thinking it was family opened the door to the Witlesses. I'm sure they loved the cooking aroma wafting out the door. I'm just happy nothing burned while I was away from the stove. :D

  • mamalove

    I refused to go out. I would tell my husband "please, can we just let the worldy people have their day??" Then we would end up getting together with friends for a nice brunch at their house.

  • DagothUr

    In my ex-congo there was the habit to avoid going into field service on Christmas, on New Year's Eve and on Easter. The elders approved and encouraged this after some of the citizens peacefully asked to be left alone with the families on those occasions. They said something like "We have no problem talking to you any day of the year, but not today". Even te pioneers knew that field service on those holidays was ostentative and even dangerous (romanians like to drink alcohol on those ocasions). Going to studies was kosher, but no door to door in those days.

  • Hairyhegoat

    Went out on xmas day in a real shit hole of a area on our map given by the brother numtee, had loads of abuse from almost every door. I said to my dad lets just go home cuz we are just pissing everyone off. But no he said lets do a few more doors and well this was a gem. We called at this flat that stank of piss everwhere before the door opened!! But then we had a rabid dog barking at us from behind the door and I hate dogs so we just put a tracked through the letter box. We noticed that it was not a real satan hound but the owner pretending to be a dog on all fours barking at us through the letter box!!! We were LOL by this so we leged it back to the car. Can you belive these people are given a flat from the council when they are in need of a padded cell ?


  • jam

    My ex-cong. Most witnesses felt it was A waste of time, but one Brother, WOW A nut case.

    Christmas, New Years Eve , Easter, standing outside of Churches when the members came out.

    He is the only brother I knew or sister that went out in the evening work (door to door). It

    was dark. People coming home from A hard day work, preparing dinner for the kids and it,s

    dark, here we come two black men( he was A big man) at their door. What the hell was I thinking about.

  • factfinder

    @JeffT-you did the right thing!

  • MrFreeze

    Giving gifts and spending time with family, Christmas truly is evil.

  • nolongerwaiting

    I avoided it like the plague. Field Service was stressfull enough for me so there was no way I would do it on a holiday.

    NLW's wife.

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