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  • Little Bo Peep
    Little Bo Peep

    If and when these "changes" do happen, I think most of the r&f will do a "little side-step". They'll put the former beliefs to the side and move on with "new light". I think the term is "double-think". They will bury the old deep inside. Hopefully, someday, they will realize what is really going on and really ask for answers.


  • Simon
    Don't see you posting much on the forum, Simon .........are you a "newbie"?

    LOL, yes ... what is this site all about?

  • red21

    Maybe they will announce they purchased Beth Sarim at a bargin price along with some palaces of Sadam? Great place for Princes. BUt really, if the big A comes, won't they have their pick of palaces? I hope they allow mini-skirts at the meetings again? That might get me going again! New revelations on oral sex? Everyone does it so why make up any unenforceable rules?

  • oppostate


    The nu-lite is that the end of this system is now no longer "imminent" it has now been raised to "immediate" in God's timetable according to WT calculations.

  • Nitty-Gritty
    This thread is now 15 years old! So, what have the changes been? I see 1914 is still going strong as opposed to what some posters predicted....
  • Magnum

    I don't think 1914 is "going strong" - at least compared to the way it used to be "going". I know that JWdom hasn't dropped it, but it's not mentioned and emphasized the way it used to be, and the evidence against it continues to mount. It could still be dropped.

    The title of this thread from 15 years ago seems almost prophetic now. There have been many doctrinal and organizational changes, but not only that; the overall look and feel of JWdom has changed in ways I never would have dreamed of. As has been said here many times lately, JWdom has evolved into a completely different group from the one we were in a few years ago.

  • Simon

    Wow, this is an oldie !

    Yeah, it's changed more than we could have imagined even when we were making fun of the changes that could come.

    It's almost like a completely different religion now. At one time it was 607 this, 1914 that but now they are rarely mentioned and I bet for many current JWs they are no big issue. In another 10-15 years they will be able to abandon it completely and no one will bat an eyelid. Those who would have bothered about it will have already left or be too old to care.

    The wheels of the Watchtower go round and round, another crop of recruits will drink the cool-aide and know nothing of the lies of yesteryear. If they hear anything about it they'll wonder why anyone would ever have thought it all so important.

  • TheOldHippie
    Changes will NOT come at district/regional conventions. If they did, some would receive the news before others, and the South Americans would have to wait half a year to get it because their conventions are held is what is Winter on the Northern half. Changes come either at the annual meeting or in the study WT - or on the tv channel.
  • JWCart
    It's about time to find out if there's "new light" in the Summer magazines, can't wait till then.  After several years this thread is just as relevant as it was when it was posted.  
  • Vidiot

    My prediction is that the WTS will become increasingly unhinged and irrational.

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