Anybody else drink too much alcohol and want to stop?

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  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Yes I did that for a long time when I left.....bitter and angry too. Lately I have been getting into shape and not drinking at all. My sleep has improved ALOT also I feel more energetic......I'm on a clense at the moment....swaped the beers for green tea, peppermint tea.....took some time to break bad habits but it's worth is already too short.....I'm finally getting over the Witnesses.

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    Check out a local support group in your area. Give yourself permission to get better. The physical problems can get better but you may feel worse at first. Like I said its different for everyone. Before I quit I was having blackouts every night and my kidneys and such felt awful but things began to improve within a few months and now my health is pretty good for being in my 60s. The drive and ambition to get involved in life are back and that is the biggest reward.

  • jaguarbass

    When I left the tower in 83, I went to AA for 7 years.

    I didnt drink for 5 years straight out of those 7.

    Those 7 years were the most euphoric, serene, happy years of my life.

    I highly recomend AA it works if you work it.

    I was a high bottom drunk, never got in trouble.

    I just got tired of the stinking thinking.

    AA is a suicide prevention program among other things because death is at the bottom of the bottle.

    I let all of the good things AA gave me take me back out and off the wagon.

    Everything in life has a price. Serenity, well being and peace take effort and daly maintainance.

    I havent gotten missrable enough to go back to AA, since I fell out in the 90's.

    But it works if you work it. And its great when you work it.

  • designs

    jaguarbass- High bottom drunk.... that's a great expression, never heard it before.

    AA is a great program when and if you need it, its there and it gets a lot of people over the hump. I use to go regularly at first and I really liked the big conventions. Something about a couple thousand people all doing the Serernity prayer together gives a collective rush. Now I'll go with newbies to help them through the first few months and if they need it get them a sponsor for the 12 Steps. Everyone's different and we have to respect how they come to their sobriety is uniquely there own.

  • FloridaPerry

    I heard some one say about people who have drank heavy a long time that they're committing suicide, and they're doing it to someone that they don't even know. So true.

  • designs

    FP- So true, the person we didn't know or want to know was ourselves or really the pain we were experiencing. Alcohol was just the most legal and accessible means possible to check out. That's what my therapist said when I told her of all the abuse I had at a very early age 'Oh you checked out early'.

    I'll take this second run at life for all its worth.

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