The organisation wants our money

by Heartofaboy 33 Replies latest jw friends

  • paladin

    The WTBT$ will not receive a penny of our money after hearing that talk. Our children could benefit our money and estate, ect.

  • factfinder

    You used to have to write to the society and specially request a copy of the planning brochure in writing. And wheras the first one gave a little bit of info on how the donations are used (printing, KHs, Branch construction,etc) the second one I recieved skipped all that info and was only about how you can donate. Even the W articles Nov 1 or Dec 1 each year used to give some info in detail as to how the money is used. But the past several years they skip that info and just ask for your money.

    They are planning a huge 900,000 sq ft expansion at Patterson and nearly 400,000 sq ft expansion at wt farms! Be sure to turn over your homes and all of your valuables to them!

  • Heartofaboy

    All our JW rank & file lives the WT org has looked down on further education & careers 'in this old world' making us feel so much guilt for 'not putting the interests of the kingdom first' ie spend hour up on hour flogging their magazines & books & yet they rub their hands in glee at the thought of the stupid dubs handing over their ill gotten worldly gains.

    They sit on the biggest pile of Brooklyn real estate & are spending money on more new developments............oh my the end must be sooooo close.

    I despise their hypocrisy & avarice.

  • WTWizard

    I think they have similar drives regularly. I have heard more than my share of pleas to leave life insurance policies to the Washtowel Slaveholdery, as well as willing estates to them. Funny thing, they never encourage people to get jobs that pay something like $50 million a year so they can have something to give.

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