The organisation wants our money

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  • sacolton
  • therevealer

    From :"their kingdom ministry"

    10 min: 'Let Us Present Jehovah's Offering.'
    Talk by an elder based on the November 15,
    2010, Watchtower, pages 20-21.

  • therevealer

    go here to hear the heartfelt plea that is totally different than that made by church's of christendom (not)

    It should be totally embarrassing for any witness to trot out the warn out criticism of the collection plate or other forms of collecting money to keep the wheels turning in the churches of Christendom. They are exactly the same if not worse.

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Yup, Annual Begging Meeting, Last night's Service Meeting item. Cancelled to inclement weather.


  • Roski

    My experience of the last few months leaves me in no doubt that they will stop at nothing to acquire the estates they presume belong to them - blatant dishonesty and stand-over tactics. I made reference to this in another older post a couple of weeks ago - or so.

    I am not able to divulge the details right now as I have engaged the relevant government authorities to investigate, so should be interesting. I found when discussing this situation with the govt. department, they were not at all surprised - seems like the 'society' may have a bad reputation for this type of thing.

    I can only assume that they are hungry for funds as what has occured would leave me speechless if it were a 'worldly' group - the hypocricy is mind boggling. I'd be interested to know the age of the brothers giving the parts - apparently my father was the 'elder of choice'...for good reason.

  • blondie

    How many of you had the elders approach you one on one suggesting you give? I found that didn't happen, just the guilt trip from the platform. My husband did the accounts and very few ever gave....some congregations barely made their bills and others did but only because a couple of jws had money and they bought influence with it.

    If you read that booklet, you find that jws save on taxes by investing through the WTS.

  • Rank&FileGuy

    One thing I thought was interesting is that the "Charitable Planning" brochure is now freely available behind the literature counter, no more having to go to an elder to ask for one. It's very difficult to sit through talks like this where they're pleading for jewelery, stocks, land, property, etc. and then brag that there's no collection plate passed at the kingdom hall like in Christendom.

  • pontoon

    Last I heard was newest expansion at Wat. Farms included a sports and exercise building for about $3,000,000. C'mon widows, give up those coins, we need em.

  • Heartofaboy

    They said at the meeting the money would go into the 'world wide fund' & should be donated to the Watchtower Corporation of Pennsylvania.

    Why is money sooooo important to them when they already own & apparently selling a huge chunk of real estate in Brooklyn?

    There is something despicable about the Watchtower organisation drumming into the rank & file not to strive after a career & material riches yet rub their hands with glee at the thought of all the stupid dubs feeling guilty if they do not willingly offer all their 'gold & silver' to the BORG I mean to our most generous heavenly father to whom all the gold already belongs.

  • diamondiiz

    It's also a benefit to give now, while you're alive because you can claim this as a donation on your income tax. God loves cheerful giver and since jws are part of God's organization, how would goo look upon jws who had the means of giving while chose not to?

    I always enjoyed how they play the same song and dance every year to sucker people in giving money. The last couple times I heard this crap I just rolled my eyes and I whispered something to my wife which at the time she didn't find too amusing - I was still 100% follower then.

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