Just how much of a SUCCESS is God..........so far?

by Terry 65 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • agonus

    I hear Sarah Palin has an onion tattoo that she doesn't like to talk about.

    Or should that be, Sarah Palin has gotten extensive ink from The Onion?

  • Soldier77

    You are absolutely correct Terry. If 99.99% of the world's population has to be destroyed and only .001% will make it seems to be an EPIC FAILURE on his part. I mean if he can destroy 99.99% at one time, why not save that many the clear majority, and win the whole debate of this 'sovereignty' dispute that the JWs are so focused on.

    If God played by JW rules, he loses. Not so good for him.

  • agonus

    And that's what I could never figure out. If God is so, er, Goddamned powerful, why doesn't he use his power to just freaking FIX people for once rather than using it to kill just about everybody?

  • King Korn
    King Korn

    ^Well going with what the witnesses teach, it's because he's like a teacher in a classroom, and he has one rebellious student who says he can do the mathematical problem on the board better than the teacher. Enter: Satan. Satan says that if we do things his way we'll be better off for all eternity than doing things god's way. And of course if god just kills Satan right then and there, the other angels and humans would foreverrrrr doubt his word over (the dead) Satans word.

    However to me this line of logic is somewhat (okay a LOT) flawed, as if I were god I would have the power to just remove EVERYTHING and kill EVERYBODY (Yes including his son Jesus and all the other little angels) then RESTART. ALL OVER. BYE BYE PEOPLE'S.

    In fact my theory is that god is playing a GIANT computer up in the sky, on his version of "Sim Earth" and he's just having a little fun hitting the disaster button over and over again. (I know I always do!) But soon he'll get serious (Or maybe not) and fix the world. Wait I gotta cut this short, he just made a tsunami strike close by. Damn you god!

  • agonus

    How could Satan be better at math if the math teacher is God? It's impossible. If God is the teacher, the pupil cannot by definition surpass him.

    And that's the problem with WT theology. In making Satan the student who's smarter than the teacher, they're giving him more power than he actually has and making Jehovah a demigod.

  • King Korn
    King Korn

    Well the point isn't even that he is smarter, the point is that god wants to make him look bad by letting him try to run things for a "little while" (You'd think 6-7-8,000 years would be enough...) and then when he falls on his ass say "Well Satan sucked, so now I guess I'll just step right up and fix everything. Hmm let's see, kill all Mormans, Catholics, Jews, Islams, all non JW denominational christians and then resurrect everyone who has ever died, give them another chance, and if/when they screw up, I'll kill them off too. Okay good the world is fixed I'll go sip some tea now thank you goodbye."

    That's always been the general feeling I get when I read their articles. Annoying as hell and so... illogical.

    Edit: And the idea is also that the angels after seeing how bad Satan did will never questions god's sovereignity.

  • agonus

    Well my point is that Satan has become so powerful a boogeyman in the minds and hearts of dubs that they've essentially made him, not Jehovah, their god.

  • unshackled

    agonus...good point. They live in such perpetual fear of Satan and this wicked system of his. They are supposed to fear god more...but they don't. The WTBS wants it this way...otherwise their 'us vs. evil world' wouldn't hold as much power over them.

    Come to think of it...I probably spent more time worrying about the evil of satan than I did thinking of the good of jehovah.

  • Terry

    One of the biggest problems, in my opinion, in trying to THINK about theology is that it is never placed in an ordinary practical setting; it is left in an imaginary logic-doesn't-apply setting.

    God, by merit, should have 100% success. Anything less is failure of consummate degree.

    Bible-think makes it more of a contest of free will than the outworking of a UNIVERSAL SOVERIGN who is all-powerful.

    If you are ALL powerful and you are God it should be impossible to lose.

  • King Korn
    King Korn

    ^Imagine if Satan did/does prove his way works. So what? God says "Oh great I lost... oh well time to destroy everything and start over". Is that what you're trying to say? It doesn't matter if god "loses" the argument, because he's god. That's all there is to it. God can't lose, Satan can't win, no matter what.

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