Just how much of a SUCCESS is God..........so far?

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  • Terry

    You can't be God if nobody exists but you.

    Sure, you are taller. But, taller than what?

    Sure, you know more. Know more than what, though?

    See, a SUPERLATIVE is the last step among comparisons: Good, Better....BEST!

    God is good? Not all by himself! Good for what? Says who?

    Anyway...you get the idea....

    Read on...

    Man seems to want something just like himself only much more profoundly superlative to be IN CHARGE of everything.

    Man wants another MAN in charge! But, invisible, of course! Enter: GOD.

    Mankind seems to die. Alot. And always.

    So, mankind needs the Superlative Man-like invisible guy-ish GOD to have a plan to remedy this situation.


    Mankind still dies!

    The agents for the man-only-invisible-and-Superlative-God insist He has the power to change life and death!

    But, everybody still dies!

    These agents (call them preachers, priests, holy men, gurus, shamen, etc) will insist it is Absolutely True THAT SERVING THIS GOD will lead to REWARDS........um....eventually.......but, you can't see any of them........um.....yet!

    Just listen to HIS AGENTS as though you were listening to....um....the invisible all-powerful HIM!


    Muslim men can have lotsa virgins if they die serving the cause..........on the other side of....um....what seems to be "death" but really is only a doorway to paradise!

    Do you believe the Terrorists are now in Paradise with their 40+ virgins enjoying a grand old eternity as a reward for flying planes into buildings and killing non-Muslims??

    Of course you don't!


    If you are a RELIGIOUS BELIEVER you have a similar (if not as extravagant) belief. Only: YOURS seems completely plausible.....to YOU!

    My point?


    Just how much of a SUCCESS is God.....so far?

    For Christians we are told God wanted things a certain way and humans screwed it all up.

    Is that success?

    For thousands of years God has been like a troubled rich relative with ungrateful relations driving Him to distraction.

    How successful is this annoying anger and homicidal treatment? God drowned, (so we are told) the entire population of Earth (except for 8 people and a core of animals.) Is that a SUCCESSFUL DEMONSTRATION of any sort?

    Love? Forgiveness? Something? Anything?

    God hand-picked just one tiny nation among all earth's inhabitants to be his.....um....uh...WIFE: Israel.

    Ho...boy! You know how that marriage went!

    Do you consider it a successful marriage?

    God had a son that He loved more than anything. So, He sent him to be tortured, mocked, scourged and executed publicly!

    Is that the sort of successful behavior you would expect of somebody WHO IS POWERFUL AND IN CHARGE OF THE UNIVERSE??

    I mean, really?

    So, God still wants these wretched, sinful, disgusting humans to be one big happy, loving (dysfunctional) family.....eventually.


    He's going to have to MURDER ALL THE REST OF THEM.......BILLIONS OF THEM!

    Is this actually a successful plan by a Supreme Mind?

    Or, has man's telling of this story gotten all twisted into something more like the mind of Adolf Hitler would think up??

    What was Hitler's Plan?

    Rule the world with a master race and kill everybody who didn't measure up to his standards!

    Is God's plan any different?

    Just how much of a SUCCESS is God.....so far?

    You tell me.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    If that's his plan then he's an EPIC FAIL.

    Humans in some form will be around long after any memory of the present god(s) has faded into dust.

  • Terry

    I am just struck by the whole 144,000 master race rulers watching on as their fearless Fuhrer sends a whole swathe of humanity into oblivion at Armageddon.

    This is Jehovah's successful DIVINE PLAN of the Ages???

    This is what creation has been groaning for from the beginning?

    Come on! Try again...you can come up with something better than this!

  • Awakened at Gilead
    Awakened at Gilead

    That's why I believe in the God who provides beer and strippers in the hereafter.


    Humans need to believe that something greater than themselves exists that they can reach out to and aspire to.

    Belief in God has been the inspiration behind some of the greatest works of art and musical concepts ever created. God has been one of the human races most successful concepts.

    What a boring world this would be be without something humans can let their imagination reach for. The sky really is the limit. The only things that we cannot reach for are those that escape our imagination.

    Come to think of it this forum would be less interesting of God was never debated. What would you talk about Terry? What windmill would you tilt at instead?

  • unshackled

    Think it was in my late teens/early twenties I started to notice cracks in the logic of god. I remember thinking..."us humans to god seem like a kid owning an ant farm. But the kid is sadistic and lights the ant farm on fire. Whatever ants escape he decides those ones are worthy of living in his ultimate, special ant farm."

    You're right Terry...the whole biblical god story just doesn't make any sense. Incredibly silly really. IF there is some sort of intelligent entity responsible for the universe, I'm certain it'd hate to be called "god". After all the hideous ones man has made up.

  • Terry

    Come to think of it this forum would be less interesting of God was never debated. What would you talk about Terry? What windmill would you tilt at instead?

    Superstition, astrology, psychic power, liver and onions, ugly shoes on women, tatoos, belief in politics......

  • Awakened at Gilead
    Awakened at Gilead

    Ugly onion tattoos on women politicians?

  • Terry
  • agonus

    Any deity that was anything less than both a spectacular success as well as a spectacular failure cannot be God, who is by definition all things to all people.

    I look at mankind's history as the weigh-in for the failure aspect, and it's pretty damn heavy, but then I look at my kids, and I think, weeeelllll......

    Thus the dilemma.

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