If Jehovah God Chose Russell & The Bible Students Why Did He Give Them So Much Inaccurate Information?

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    Being Chosen by Jehovah never made imperfect men perfect or without mistakes.
    Which they continued to do despite being chosen.....debator/reniaa

    God chose Charles Russel..Although what he believed..No Jehovah`s Witness believes now??..

    If we follow your logic..

    God only chooses people who are never right..LOL!!

    What proof do you Have..God chose Russel and the WBT$?..

    (It has to be Real Proof,something a Sane Person will Accept)..

    Besides the Fact,that they Were and Are..Always Wrong..

    .......................... ...OUTLAW

  • FadeToGrey

    Yes Dan u are correct.

    I do have some bitterness. Have just come out of this cult and 20 years of all the rubbish, does get to you!

    My thinking is, if there was-is a god he should be or could be doing a better job of letting us humans know of his plans..

    Considering he is going to bring earth wide clamity one would think he could have chosen a better way to comunicate his plans to us poor souls.

    Like how bout some sort of supernateral proof that is unmistakable to all mankind. Nope we are led to believe he is using a crazy American cult/sect to tell us of our doom/sins.

    It just does not Gell.. And to me not good enough. its just to cloak and dagger. well for me anyway. If I was in charge I would explain all this to my human children in a much better loving caring way. than a book writtin thousands of years ago by uneducated desert dwellers, full of wars and killings and wild beasts with ten horns and such.

    As the bible says we are made in his image. So supposedly have the same sort of thinking abilty. And there is now way if i was incharge of this universe I tell my children i was going to kill most of them, because of something one of my other sons did before they were born..

    and then give them an old vage book from years past to try and work out there salvation, from my warth.

    Yeah Right..

    Yep I am a tab Jaded. Brother Dan.

  • FadeToGrey

    Oh Soz.. My spellings a bit crappy..

    You get that when your desendants came over in leg irons to Aust 200 years ago. hehe..

  • wobble

    So, are you guys saying that there is absolutely no proof that god chose Rutherford and Co. in 1919 as his FDS ?

    none whatsoever ?

    But that means the present day GB/FDS are a bunch of self-appointed liars with no authority at all !

    It means Jehovah's Witnesses are just another strange apocalyptic cult !

    I am shocked !!!!

  • ThomasCovenant

    Grandma Jones said

    ''I wish I had read these books sooner. They kept me busy reading current stuff, and so busy with meetings and field service that you don't have the time.

    All the wittnesses should read Russell. They'd leave in droves.''

    Very true. I remember being so bored at the Watchtower study that I would very often go into the 2nd school room where the library was situated. I started reading the older publications and light bulbs were flashing up in my head.

    I wanted to shout out ''forget studying the latest Watchtower's, read these books!''

    I too wish I had read them earlier in my indoctrination.

  • cheerios

    I was told many years ago when I wondered that same question that we couldn't handle all the information in the bible at one time.So Jehovah just let them know a little at a time,there hearts were looking for truth..How would you explain it....

    omg! the ONLY explanation is this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5j2F4VcBmeo

    jack nicholson is jehoober!!!

  • Gill

    The Light gets Brighter and Brighter and Brighter...................until it Blinds you!!!!

  • Gill

    There used to be a JW elder at the 'Group Study', (remember that supposedly MOST important meeting of ALL....now Cancelled!) who was constantly told off by the other elders for answering at the meetings using the older 'banned' publications.

    Anyway, as far as I know he still does this and they don't DF or publicly reprove him when he points out how the 'light has brightened' over the years simply for not wanting to draw attention to the previous silliness they used to teach.

    Slightly off topic here, but is there any news of the reinstating of the Group Study since petrol prices have stabilised. I don't like to remember that I used to have to waste years of time on that crapola and the still in dubbies get away with having a free tuesday evening. I llike to think of them all still suffering..........even though they wouldn't realise it!

  • designs

    This is all a BIG TEST, if you can hang in there being fooled and tricked you'll get a at the end of the yellow brick road

  • ProdigalSon

    Russell was much better off than the modern day Pharisees...at least he was into the pyramids, which is a lot closer to "God" and true prophetic interpretation than the Witchtower is today or has been since he died.

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