I'm back with a new computer and feeling better

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  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    The last 15 days have been hard.

    10 days without a computer is hell.

    I said this on another thread but want to say it again.

    Thank you so much to those of you who have contributed to getting me a computer and back on line. This new baby of mine is awesome. It would have taken me months to save up enough money to either fix the old (which I think would have needed to be rebuilt) or buy another. My son-in-law sent me one but I just couldn't get it on line - he got is really cheap so he didn't waste a lot.

    I didn't buy a brand new one. I got what I wanted though and more importantly what I needed. I had to upgrade a couple of things like the hard drive and had to pay for the shop to install drivers for me. I also will be putting more RAM in and another video card that will work better than the on-board one.

    Your money will be well spent.

    I post a lot of recovery info on this board and now over on Freeminds. People don't often respond although I know people are reading them. Sometimes I get a thanks on the thread. Sometimes a PM. And that is always appreciated.

    But what some of you did this past week in just a few hours after Randy's request to help me out was beyond belief. When we talked on the phone and told me what he did and the response to it, I was in tears. Gosh I'm getting teary again just thinking about it.

    I've been here for over 9 years and don't think I have ever seen anything like this.

    I know some would have donated if they had seen the post earlier. And many just can't but the thoughts were there and that counts too. More than you will ever know.

    Thank you Thank you Thank you It just doesn't seem enough, I know who some of you are. Expect PMs or emails. Some I don't know so hopefully Randy knows who you post here as because I would like to give you each personal thanks.

    After my fall it has taken almost 2 weeks for the black eyes to return to normal

    After wandering around looking like this

    with my eyes almost swollen shut. I had to see an eye specialist looking like this and she had to forget doing some tests because she couldn't open my eyes enough due to the swelling. Although she was able to see I have the beginnings of cataracts so will have to go back next year to see if they are worse. Right now it is too soon to do anything about them.

    and this black eyes 2 where at least I can open my eyes a bit

    and having people think someone beat me up I am back to looking normal now


    My left knee is still very sore. I think most of the bruising was inside and it started to show up on the skin later than the eyes. My left hand is still very sore and it was only yesterday that I could pick up a pot of water to cook some pasta on the stove. In the beginning I couldn't even pick up a mug. It was badly swollen to almost twice its size but the swelling went down in a couple of days but the bruising covers the whole hand except for the baby finger.

    This is the fourth accident I have had in 5 months where there has been abnormal bleeding along with a nose bleed in the middle of the night (before the fall so it wasn't related). All very abnormal. So I took a look at my meds and a couple of them mentioned that in a few cases there were reports of abnormal bleeding. But I have only been on one of these meds for 5 months. So I talked with my pain doctor and we agreed that I would go off that one med and see if there is a change the next time I hurt myself.

  • poopsiecakes

    Glad you're back up and running, darlin.

    Holy smokes!! You really did a number on yourself didn't you?? wow...glad you're back on the mend


    Awwwwwwww Lee..

    I am so happy for you!..

    How the hell did you get so beat up?

    I`ve sparred with some tuff people and never climbed out of the ring looking like that..LOL!!..

    ....................... ...OUTLAW

  • Leolaia

    Ouch....it hurts to look at the photos. I hope this will be the worst of it and that any residual pain will fade. My own computer died a horrible death this week so I will be shopping for a new one in a few days.

  • yknot

    Even through the blackeyes your beauty shines through!......(but ouch that looks awful painful to the touch!)

  • thetrueone

    Good to hear your on the road to recovery

    How did you fall anyways ?

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    OUTLAW I fought with the floor and it won.

    The night before I left some cases on the floor beside my armchair. I knew when I put them there is wasn't smart but left them there anyway. In the morning I got up and forgot all about them and tripped over them. I grabbed for a small table and missed that and grabbed for my computer chair which rolled away leaving me to fall flat on my face - my nose and forehead to be specific. My glasses got shoved up into my forhead and made some nasty imprints there. I thought dfor sure I had broken my nose but it barely got marked. My forehead to the full weight of my fall along with my left knee and when I missed the table my hand went into a fist and it hit the floor like I punched it.

    Guess I really do have a hard head. I didn't lose consciouness. Didn't break anything - not even the floor lol. I have a friend who lives a couple of doors down and he is a doctor so he came over and checked me out and said he didn't think I needed to go to emergency. I did see my family doctor a couple days after and everything is okay. I just needed time to heal.

  • Darth plaugeis
    Darth plaugeis

    I'm glad your feeling better and did not blame your accident on the Dark Side of the Force!

    Outlaw was holding the Fort Down and kicking it Old School when he had to.

    Welcome Back.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Thank you poopsiecakes, leolaia, ynot, (cute geiko if that is what it is) and thetrueone

    leolaia I go to a shop where I bought the CPU and had them upgrade some of the things in the box. In the end you get what you want and it winds up being cheaper.

    I also didn't need a whole system. My keyboard and mouse are ergonomic and my monitor is new so I didn't need to buy those.


    OUTLAW I fought with the floor and it won.

    [email protected]!!

    Ohhhh you poor thing..

    The floor can be very unforgiving..LOL!!..

    ....................... ...OUTLAW

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