The Watchtower is now the world's largest magazine!

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  • isaacaustin

    Reniaa, were you dropped on your head as a kid?

  • lovelylil2

    I recently went to my local pharmacy to pick up my daughter's medication and I found 4 WT and Awake magazines that someone left on the store shelves. My guess a dub trying to count time placed them there hoping a customer would see them and take them to read. Don't know how long they were there but I picked them all up and promptly threw them into the trash outside the pharmacy once I departed.

    I remember one year my hubby and I did some spring cleaning, we must of had thousands of these mags saved up over the years. He didn't want me to throw them away so I pretended to bring them to the kh. I actually just dumped them though because at our local hall, witnesses had been dropping off their old mags and we quite a stack of them.

    Let me see........proper uses for these magazines........ I think they make good compost and you can shred them for the bottom of bird cages or litter boxes. Peace, Lilly

  • isaacaustin


    Last year I was given a WT by a JW while at the library. I came home and put it in the shredder and used it as bedding for my gunea pig. The WT may perhaps have found their niche in the production of animal bedding! LOL

  • lovelylil2

    lol isaac,

    I think the animals will get better use from them then any jdubs anyway!

  • isaacaustin


    Funny that you used it as compost too. Maybe the WT should totally get out of religion and simply become a manufacturer of animal bedding?

  • boyzone

    You can't equate distribution with readership. Sure the mags are distributed widely, doesn't mean anyone reads 'em. Ray Franz mentions this anomoly. He says that the vast printing and distribution machine that is the Watchtower Society needs an outlet for all its literature, so the distribution is huge. However they're speaking into the air because the actual readership of the mags is very low, not even many of the brothers actually bother reading the mags anymore.

  • Scully

    I bet Reader's Digest is actually read more often, by more people, instead of being piled up in closets and dumped off in doctors' offices and hospital waiting rooms.

  • zoiks
    If the public took the Watchtower magazine serious why aren't there more JWs than there are?

    Exactly. We could even take it down (or up) a notch and ask, why aren't more aware of even basic JW beliefs? Ask 100 people, 95 of them won't know anything more than "they don't celebrate holidays" or "they don't take blood transfusions".

    What a colossial waste.

    In a world that needs Magazines and newspapers to reflect shallow issues like what shoes their favourite actor wears

    Would that be the same world that needs printed material to reflect shallow issues like what shoes their well appointed JW wear when visiting bethel? A shallow world indeed.


  • OnTheWayOut

    I like Jimmy Page's comment on page one of this thread. The world's "physically" largest magazine is one that I wouldn't mind reading.

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