The Watchtower is now the world's largest magazine!

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  • Darth plaugeis
    Darth plaugeis

    Watchtower beat Playboy? what's wrong with this world... maybe it's not as bad as the WTS thinks.

  • steve2

    Actually, I thought it had been the highest printed magazine in the world for decades. I love they way the number of printed copies translates into "most widely circulated" and "most widely read" - which are two very different things from the numbers that roll off the machines.

    It's interesting that it is not available on newstands where people chose to buy magazines. Most of its dreary readers are a captive audience. It is absolutely nothing new to say that huge numbers of the magazine are never circulated but end up stuffing up landfill. In the 1970s, an elderly brother needed help with tidying up his rundown property so a number of us "volunteered' after field service. We discovered a far-sized shed full of sodden, mushy fly-blown Awakes and Watchtowers still in their bound rolls piled high. We estimated the poor guy had been accumulating them for possibly decades - given the number. Given his age - he was in his 80s and had pioneered until his late 70s - none of us made an issue out of it. Suddenly, I also realized that he must have lied about the impressively large number of magazines he was supposedly "placing" with householders. That day we took a large trailor load of magazines to the local landfill and no one ever said another word about it.

  • Farkel

    The WTS prints 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 copies of each issue of the Watchtower magazine in 756,293,992,100 languages, but the truth being told, only 45 of them are actually ever read. Also, the hour or so it takes to read a copy allows just enough time for the doctrine you just read about to change.

    This is not to say the Watchtower magazine doesn't have a large fan base, though. Parrots throughout the world are very fond of the magazine, as are their owners, who put the magazine to a noble and practical use. The magazine has also developed quite a number of fans who find them left on bus stop benches. It turns out, they are quite handy to put on the benches when it is raining to keep your butt from getting wet when puddles form on the benches during a rain.


  • wasblind

    LOL Farkel

  • jwfacts

    I wonder if they include in that figure the number downloaded off the internet.

  • poopsiecakes

    Each issue of the Watchtower is planned a YEAR in advance??? A YEAR? What the hell are they doing all that time because I know they're not using it for fact checking...

  • oldlightnewshite

    I find that WT and Asleep magazine are very poor for lighting fires. They just don't burn. We had loads that we saved up for winter, but they were useless. Even once the fire was going well, adding them only put the fire out. They're no good for puppy training either, not big enough, and the ink sticks to the tiles. Has anybody seriously found a good use for them at all?

  • wobble

    I often see the rags WT and Awake in the re-cycling dump I use, they look in pristine, unopened condition.

    The Watchtower, most widely distributed, least read.

  • debator

    Thank you for the article

    I like many Witnesses enjoy reading both the watchtower and awake. I have especially enjoyed the change in recent years to a watchtower study magazine particulariy for the Sunday meetings which has led to deeper articles on specific Bible doctrine.

    I appreciate that I am a lone voice on this forum on this but worldwide I know there are many, many others like myself that do enjoy reading the Watchtower articles. In a world that needs Magazines and newspapers to reflect shallow issues like what shoes their favourite actor wears etc or who won X-factor etc Watchtowers are a deep and refreshing spiritual encouragement.



    Watchtowers are a deep and refreshing spiritual encouragement.....Debator/Reniaa

    Ya..Your a real prize..

    You read the WBT$ Rags,but you publicly admit your above WBT$ Rules..

    The Watchtower is so Deep and Refreshing,you don`t give a shit what the Watchtower says..


    Just curious..Do you ever get tired of people Laughing at your Hypocrisy?

    ...................... ...OUTLAW

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