"At least He/She died before 'Armageddon'..." How do you counter this....?

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  • ziddina

    We've seen this, or have heard of it....

    A tragic death happens - often it's even CAUSED by Watchtower edicts, like shunning or "no blood" policy...

    And the brainwashed - or brain-dead - Witnesses resort to yammering Watchtower propaganda - "At least he/she died before 'Armageddon', so maybe he'll / she'll have a chance at being 'resurrected'..."

    We've all seen the insane level of hypocrisy within the Watchtower Society... I've several examples in mind, wherein the Witness parent shunned a Witness child, leading to the child's suicide or indirectly to his/her death, and then the Witness - make that WitLess - parent stands there at the funeral mouthing that "At least he/she died before 'Armageddon', so maybe he'll / she'll have a chance at being 'resurrected'..." line of B.S. ....

    What can one say to block that self-congratulatory blather?? How can one state the REALITY of the sitation in a manner that would most effectively WAKE UP the 'active' JW parent to the extent of their destructive behavior???

    And YES - I do understand that some JWs are too enthralled by the Watchtower Society to ever wake up...

    Which brings up another point...

    In my opinion, when a JW parent brutally rejects their child, that means that most - or all - of their parental love - their instinct to nurture their own offspring - has been TOTALLY OVER-WRITTEN by the Watchtower Society's edicts on shunning...

    At that point, again in my opinion, that parent has completely abandoned ANY rights to future assistance, comfort, or shelter from the rejected child. ..... Just my opinion; but I DID put that into effect in my OWN life...


  • ziddina

    Here's a couple of threads that touch on the subject... Unfortunately, there's only 1 page of replies, but very thoughtful replies...



    I didn't see a decent comment - or comments to use in response to the JW cliché - so please, feel free to come up with some thought-provoking comebacks - or cultthought-stopping replies!!


  • StoneWall

    I usually say something like, "Well I was sure hoping he/she would be able to hold on until Armaggedon hit, so they could see all the dead bodies everywhere and the birds of heaven coming down to feast on their flesh and pick out their eyeballs. And get a whiff of all that stench of all those decaying bodies after a few days. I guess they won't get to enjoy that part like us now though huh?"

    After saying this they usually back away real slow like, thinking that I enjoy that kind of carnage or something. But then I remind them, I didn't write it. So don't blame me for repeating it. It's in the bible.

  • ziddina

    My first thought was - after reading about the tragic death of FlyingHighNow's nephew, David - to comment to any JW relative insensitive enough to make such a comment, thusly:

    "Perhaps "Jehovah" will resurrect them, but since he "does not rejoice at the death of an unrighteous one", then how is he going to view YOUR attitude towards the deceased???"


    "How GHOULISH!!! So, is your god as bloodthirsty as YOU are?? What a HORRIBLE 'witness' for this 'god' you worship!!"

    I'm still struggling towards the best, most cutting and to-the-point retort...


  • snowbird

    I would counter with something like this: "With all the preoccupation with Armageddon, you would think it would be on every page of the Bible. Yet, Armageddon is mentioned only once. Once! Contrast that with how many times love is mentioned. Can we take a hint, or does it have to be a knockdown?"

    I used that on the reformed strumpet who was trying to scare me back to the KH with talk of Armageddon. She got all bug-eyed and took off like a rocket! I've had no further visits from her.


  • cameo-d

    "Show me the scripture"

    Judgemental pricks.


    Hey Zid..

    I have the perfect Acid Reply..

    I`ve used it..

    " (Insert name) has the same chance as every other Jehovah`s Witness,that has Been Resurrected..None!"..

    When what you say sinks in and they realise no JW has ever been Resurrected..

    You`ll get a Blank Look..Like a Deer caught in the Head Lights..

    .......................... ...OUTLAW

  • JRK

    Usually a "That's f*cked up!" suffices.


  • wannabefree

    Good one snowbird. Very simple and to the point.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Isn't it obvious by now that everyone is gonna die before Armageddon?

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