What's wrong with my friends?

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  • undercover

    Finding a job is a good start, but don't get so caught up in trying to find a job to get an apartment or car or whatever and forget about college. Finding independance is great but don't let just getting out from under your mom cause you to get caught up in situation that prevents your from higher education and a good career.

    A part-time job now will expose you to others outside of your limited scope of relationships. While your mom might be able to limit your association with school mates or neighbors, she can't influence your workplace.

    But keep up the good grades, plan on college. And pick a college that requires you to leave home and stay on campus. That's your ticket to freedom. Use that 4 year plan to get a good education and then a decent paying career and you're set to go the rest of your life.

    At 17, anything beyond high school graduation seems like an eternity but to secure your freedom, you're going to have to look at the big picture...posts high school, college and career. That's the path to work on.

    Of course, your JW mom is going to fight you. It's going to be tough, to show her respect and love, yet be determined to go your own path. You'll realize it later, but it will give you character and strength and will become a life lesson on how to handle adversity.

    Good luck...

  • no more kool aid
    no more kool aid

    Hi Alan, remember any stupid mistakes you make now could actually make you more dependent on your parents in the future. You need to stay very focused on the future, do well in school, have you discussed this with a counsellor at school. They maybe able to help you get to college this is your ticket to freedom. In the meantime be respectful to your parents, view your situation as temporary. Everyone above gave you excellent advice. Take it! (coming from a mom) NMKA

  • mrsjones5

    cit catNever go a soup

  • cantleave

    Run! Run! Run! Be free....................

    Escape the cult. I wish I did at your age it took me till the age of 42!

  • Alan_56

    Thank you no more kool aid! I will definitely use everyones advice from the top including yours! Thanks a lot! :)

  • Quentin

    I was a lucky one. Had both feet planted frimly in the jw world and the regular world. Only thing my father demanded was making ALL meetings and doorknocking...rest of the time was my own....gave me friends in and out....very sound advice given by others, wish you the best....

  • mrsjones5

    cit catNever go a soup

    Good lord, Joshua's been on the computer again.

  • aSphereisnotaCircle

    I had googled "cit cat" trying to figure this one out, hehe

  • dawntodaylight

    There isn't anything wrong with your friends but because your parents are jws they believe that anyone who isn't a jw is a bad influence on u. Imagine how your parents would feel if they found out u are involved with this site..u are going to make friends here as well. And they will not approve why? Because we do not agree with the jw controlling policies and practices. What u need to do is get a job open up a bank acct and start saving your money NOW!!! Do good in school because that will be a part of securing an independant future. And obey your parents please!

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