Women as weaker vessel - explain?

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  • snowbird


    Why didn't I think of that as one of the "advantages" in the sense that men don't have to deal with this?

    Please pause, men, and consider what this entails.

    Hot flashes - complete with sweating like a bull, mood swings, heart palpitations, nausea, irritability, and general malaise.

    Trust me, you don't WANT to go there!


  • elderelite
    True. The idea that being a man somehow makes one special though....

    oh dear God....

    IMHO you're a mighty fine example of your kind.

    Why thank you Mrs Jones.. that truly put a smile on my face

  • notverylikely

    Being a woman makes you (or them) special... or am I just not going to get anywhere with this one?

    Why can't they be equal, just with different abilities? Think of it like the three branches of the US government, equal in power but with different makeup and responsibilities.

  • brotherdan

    I always thought of the "weaker vessel" as something that was more valuable than the tough vessel. I think that the WT has been too vague with the concept. Here's the way I view it.

    I think of my wife like a valuable piece of crystal. Or actually, my most valuable possession is my guitar. I'm treat it with care, make sure it doesn't get scratched, polish it, and make sweet music with it. Of course, I could be rough with it and slam it down and let it get destroyed.

    This is not to say that my wife is my "possession". At least not anymore so than I am HER possession. I belong to her and she belongs to me, and I treat her like the valuable person that she is. I might be "tougher" or more "rugged", but she is better than me in so many more ways. There are some women that are stronger than men, but they should still be TREATED like a valuable and delicate, IMO.

  • garyneal

    Based on my experience, Libelle, you are definitely in the minority as far as women's attitudes are concerned. Most women today will say, "Sure I want equal rights, I want equal pay, I want to be treated like a man in every way, etc, etc, etc.." Okay, all young women in America who are turning 18 should go register with the selective service just in case the draft should ever get reinstated. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, you can hear the crickets now as these same women don't want equal responsibility.

    Ever heard of the ERA? Perhaps someone can enlighten the group as to why it failed to pass. But perhaps have change since then. Wonder if it has a chance of passing today?

    The mother of my son did not want to move to my hometown where I had a job so that I could take care of her and our son. Yet, she wanted to be a stay at home mom and currently had no job of her own. (Last time I checked, she is still an unemployed stay at home mom.) I was of the mindset that if she insisted on my quitting my job and moving to her town, she should've been willing to be a working mom. Some of the women I dated in years past would not find any problem saying something along the lines of, "My goal is to find a nice man who can take good care of me." That clashes with my whole perspective of men and women being equals. Women seem to have no problem saying that around men but let a man say that around women.

    We men would joke sometimes about how it would be nice for the woman to take care of us so we would not have to work and just take care of home and stuff. The climate is changing and to be sure there are more stay at home dads today. However, how would a man like that be generally viewed? Particularly when there are no kids in the picture. "What do you mean that woman has to go out and work to support that lazy sorry bum of a husband of hers?" Yet, if the tables were turned, that working man would be considered noble and that non-working wife would not even be considered lazy or sorry in most people's eyes.

    My wife certainly fits this category of wanting to be treated like the fairer, weaker sex. If I display any emotions of being hurt at all, she looks at me all wierd and all. "Really, you, hurt? I mean my dad never shows emotions like that and expects my mom to support him." Oh well, it is the culture and I've learned to that if I need to cry, I cry alone. Got to show strength at all times, you know.

    In my opinion, women want to be treated like the fairer and weaker sex. They say they don't but they do. Sure, there are exceptions, there are strong women in the world who can do things as good and even better than most men. But they are few and far in between. Even rarer are the women who truly want equal responsibilities in all manners as men. Equal rights, but not equal responsibilities.

    That's my rant, you can throw your stones at me now.

  • elderelite

    forget the stones...

    Please note gary, that much of what was discussed was not what is but rather what the bible means by the offending remark. I agree completely with the "equal responsibilities" factor. However, overall the point is that women are not second class, not that they want equal responsibilities. I dont expect my wife to cut the grass and she dosent expect me to wash the dishes. The responsibilities are not equal but it is fair.

  • Libelle

    Hmm. Ok, I'm seeing what you're all saying. Truly it still leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth. But then, for years, I've never been too keen on the bible's concept of gender roles.

  • brotherdan

    To add to my comment, I agree that women should be viewed as equal. I've never taken the "weaker vessel" comment in the Bible as it saying that she is NOT equal. Just that I should treat her in way that makes her feel special.

  • mrsjones5

    What is the meaning of "equal responsibilities"?

  • notverylikely

    I think of my wife like a valuable piece of crystal. Or actually, my most valuable possession is my guitar. I'm treat it with care, make sure it doesn't get scratched, polish it, and make sweet music with it. Of course, I could be rough with it and slam it down and let it get destroyed.

    Ironically that's pretty much the exact same example I've heard countless elders give... :)

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