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  • Evidently Apostate
    Evidently Apostate

    about a year ago i went through a mild meltdown. it hit me fast i had panic attacks and became angry with all the control in my life.(being a jw) i had just found out i was being screwed on a real estate development project by another self righteous jw i have known for a long time but this was a big loss (about 4 months pay plus expenses). i have lost more money employing and working with my brothers than non jws and had even stopped hiring jws. anyway i dared to look at apostate material and after a wikapedia lookup went on to specific jw info sites and started my search and i was truly blindsided. i have always had a problem with shunning, the blood doctrine, even the paradise and after reading c of c i realized it was just a man behind the curtain there is no great and powerful oz. i have missed a lot of the meetings and told my wife i will never knock on doors again. i dont bring up how i feel much and never bash the org we have 20 years together and i will try to work on her own doubts slowly. it sucks i want to expose the society to her but she is not there yet. i have been lurking here for awhile and truly feel some of the same anger and pain that is honestly written here i am already being shunned by some of my conditional friends. anyway i feel this site is far from a bunch of angry foaming at the mouth apostates and wanted to introduce myself.

  • BizzyBee

    Welcome EA!

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Well, sometimes we foam at the mouth. But most of the time this is a bunch of good people, done wrong, trying to know where do we go from here.

    Welcome to the fray.


  • flipper

    EVIDENTLY APOSTATE- Welcome to the board friend ! You are among people with a common background here- one way or another we all came to a crisis of conscience and had to exit the witnesses. I know what you're feeling. Pull up a chair, pour yourself a drink and enjoy the experiences and info here. Hang in there, things get better as time goes along away from the high control of the WT organization. Welcome to freedom of mind. Look forward to hearing more from you . Take care, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Welcome, Evidently!

    Yes, this is a good place to figure things out. Seeing your new experiences through others' eyes who've gone through similar things is very revealing and helpful. I've been helped so much, and you will, too:)

  • Hadit

    Welcome Evidently Apostate! We are not meant to be controlled and thus the panic and anxiety - it's bound to happen. Good for you for being patient with your wife. That is a very hard thing to do. Hopefully she will wake up and appreciate the true love you have for her as opposed to the conditional love in the org.

    There is a lot we can learn from each other here and share the journey to healing.

    I wish you all the best! Take care.


  • Open mind
    Open mind

    If I drink a Guinness too fast I've been known to foam at the mouth.

    Welcome to the forum!


  • 3Mozzies

    Welcome Evidently Apostate

    I too am new here, it's a great place to find new friends learn more about the cult we use to be in, help our trapped loved ones etc...

    This forum soothes my nerves/soul, we need this type of comfort after being in that CULT!


    I second Flippers post:

    Pull up a chair, pour yourself a drink and enjoy the experiences and info here. Hang in there, things get better as time goes along away from the high control of the WT organization.

  • jamiebowers

    Love your screen name! Welcome. We're motley crew, but nice enough.

  • asilentone

    Welcome to the board!

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