Voluptuous Vixens Looking to Lose!

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  • lisavegas420

    double post

  • Emma

    I'll join you StAnn; I'm a stress eater and have put on a few pounds dealing with a stressful job. I'm leaving it in just over a week!!! Hooray!!! I'll be able to center myself and go forward. I'm going to eat healthier and get back into my old routine in exercising. Thanks for the invitation.


  • I quit!
    I quit!

    Is this a chick thing or can I join in? I need to lose a few.

  • notverylikely

    i did it, getting is shape is an everyone thing.

    StAnn, if the diabetes is type 1, diet and exercise will help with the management, if it's type 2 it may go away entirely. good luck to you

  • PSacramento

    There are many little things that one can do to help:

    Increase water intake.

    Very minimal carbs ( cereals and such) after 6PM

    Get your carbs from fruits and veggies instead of breads and cereals.

    Cut down on milk ( if you are drinking it).

    Lean protiens like chicken, fish, lean pork and beef.

    Have a cheat day but never cheat after 6PM.

    Exercise more, little things like taking the stairs instead of elevator or waking when you don't really need to drive.

    One thing though, it is far better and lose weight slowly and progressively then fast and gain mots if not all back.

    Remember 1lb a week is 52 in one year,heck even 2 lbs a month is 24lbs in one year and when you lose it slowly and gradually the body doesn't feel liek it is craving or losing anything.

  • diana netherton
    diana netherton

    P Sacramento is right.....I lost a tonne of weight about 15 years ago through Weight

    Watchers and was actually a Weight Watchers team leader for a while. So if you

    need any advice or help, let me know. I'm also an aerobics instructor.

    It's good that you're under a doctor's care. Can I ask how much you intend to lose

    to get to your goal? Have your husband take your measurements now and put

    them away in a drawer. Later, you can revisit them to see how many inches you've


    Another tip...DON'T weigh yourself every day. A lot of people (especially women)

    fall into this trap and it can be very frustrating. Pick one time a week to weigh.

    Good luck!! Keep me posted.


  • notverylikely

    Another tip...DON'T weigh yourself every day. A lot of people (especially women)

    fall into this trap and it can be very frustrating. Pick one time a week to weigh.

    Not to disagree ... :)

    I actually do weight everyday. You just have to understand that weight can fluctuate everyday (and between morning and night) by several pounds. I weigh every morning right before a shower, before coffee, before I drink water but after a little personal business. It stays very consistent that way. I put the numbers in a spreadshee and look for the general downward trend. Npt saying it's right or wrong, that's just my method.

  • mamalove

    When I want to trim up a bit after having too much for a week or two in a row, I do Jorge Cruise's belly fat plan. It is amazingly easy and it worked pretty fast. It is like South Beach, but I thought more simple. Look him up. He was on Oprah and is very popular now.

  • Nellie

    I've been doing a modified South Beach with my daughter for a few weeks now - I'd love to join the party!

    @Mamalove - Thanks for the tip - I'll look him up!

  • poppers

    Lots of good suggestions here about diet and exercise. Find some kind of aerobic exercise that you really enjoy doing because it is aeorbic work that burns the most calories, but also don't neglect strength training. Personally, I like bike riding for my aerobic work, but swimming is about as good an aerobic workout as you can get. You might want to consider something like hatha yoga to gain flexibility. The important thing is to be regular and to be smart about it, starting slowly and working your way up until your stamina and endurance increases. Don't fall for the "no pain no gain" thing - no sense risking injury, especially when you first start out. Warming up and cooling down will help to minimize soreness and decrease the likelihood of hurting yourself.

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