Voluptuous Vixens Looking to Lose!

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  • StAnn

    Thanks to Beks for the title.

    I can't stand being a fatty-fat-fatty anymore. My son is getting married, allegedly next fall, and I want to look good for the wedding. And I want to look good for myself.

    I'm going to the doctor to have my lipids, etc., drawn on Monday. I will then go to the grocery on Monday afternoon and stock up on ingredients to follow the South Beach Diet. I'm starting my diet on Tuesday, August 31.

    I'm going to be posting the good recipes (versus the crappy ones) that I try from South Beach and anywhere else, if it fits the diet. I'm going to be posting progress in my exercise routine (once I actually establish an exercise routine). I'm going to post weekly weight loss results, although I will NEVER reveal my current weight or my goal weight. I will post a picture when I reach my goal weight.

    I'm asking any of you who is interested to join me. You can post as much or as little about yourself and your dieting experience as you wish. But I would really like some people to join up so that we can help each other through the holidays, in particular.

    I'll BTTT this until I get enough people to form a good core group.

    So here's to all of us fatty fat fatties who want to release the Voluptuous Vixens hiding inside under layers of fat!

  • witnessofjesus

    Wish you the best on your new diet! You can do it!

  • notverylikely

    south beach is a good start, but in my experience (70+ lbs lost) you don't ON a diet, you CHANGE your diet AND lifestyle.

    Good luck! I started with south beach and eventually moved off of it so I could enjoy pretty much everything in moderation coupled with mostly healthy eating and regular exercise.

  • StAnn

    Thank you, Witness!

    NVL, my doctor recommended South Beach because I'm diabetic. We'll see if she's right!

  • notverylikely

    NVL, my doctor recommended South Beach because I'm diabetic. We'll see if she's right!

    Ah, well, good then. I generally avoid sugar other than in fruits anyway.

  • StAnn

    NVL, I have to be careful about fruits even. Watermelon is a killer and I absolutely, positively can't have fruit juice or bananas.

    Diabetes sucks.

  • StAnn

    It's after 1 a.m. here so I'm going to bed. I'll check in tomorrow after my doctor visit and trip to the grocery store.

    BTW, my husband says he's going on this diet with me. I know it's terrible but men lose weight so much easier than women do that I almost resent him joining me. Isn't that petty? I can't get discouraged before I even start!



  • Outaservice

    Congratulations, you sound determined. If you are type two diabetes you might find your diabetes going away with the weight loss.

    I always lose a lot of weight whenever I get real sick but I am not suggesting this, ha.

    Moderation works for me with a lite supper, but I eat most everything I like.

    Hoping things go well for you and remember to walk some each day.


  • LouBelle

    HI StAnn

    Just popped on for a quick look and your header caught my attention.

    I've started a while back and am down 12kgs

    Always go on healthy eating plans, give up, put on etc A vicious cycle. However this time I'm more committed to it. It's clicked for me. I'll join you on the journey. We can swop mail addresses and am always up to encourage! I'll private you my personal mail.


  • lisavegas420

    I'd love to join you. I will be 49 in October and wanted to be a new person by my 50th birthday...So I thought I'd start now.

    I'm looking forward to hearing your food/recipe reviews.


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