The Word: Earth Created by Sound Waves

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    Not that I'm knowledgeable about this subject or a great many things relating to "science," but wouldn't God "saying".... cause air?

    Shelby, really? Did you just use the word science when talking about god talking in a vacum? You know I loves you, but really?

    I mean, when WE speak air emits from within us. We call it "breath." True, it's more carbon dioxide than oxygen when it leaves us, bit it's still a form of air.

    We aren't creating the air. It's a by-product of the air we took in.

    is it possible that the "air" came from within Him? HIS breath?

    Without the pre-existng air, where did HIS breath come from?

  • cameo-d

    Leolaia: "Metaphorically, as there is no air in outer space. ;) Unless God lives in the same part of the universe a galaxy far away where Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker live."

    Actually, the reason "the gods" were thought to live on the mountain tops is because these visiting aliens cannot breathe oxygen. The air on the mountain tops is much thinner and they could survive there for periods of time while visiting this realm.

  • AGuest
    Shelby, really? Did you just use the word science when talking about god talking in a vacum? You know I loves you, but really?

    Ummm, yeah. Something "wrong" with that, dear NVL (the greatest of love and peace to you... and how YOU doin'?)...

    We aren't creating the air. It's a by-product of the air we took in.

    Yes, I get that. I didn't mean "air" as in oxygen, though, which I thought I explained (maybe not fully). I was thinking in terms of, say, the "gas" (air) that, for example, causes the sun to burn. Or the "thrust" that "pushes" asteroids/meteorites through space... or the "wind" left in their wakes...

    Without the pre-existng air, where did HIS breath come from?

    From in HIM, dear NVL, He being the SOURCE of it.

    My apologies, dear one, and I get it that my "drivel" here may sound "stupid," but I just don't buy that everything came out of absolutely nothing... other than to say that "nothing" was actually "something." Somewhere in the universe "something" happened. Call it a "Big Bang," I don't care. But "something" had to BE there in order for "something" to even occur... to result in the "something" that is physical universe. Even science says nothing... from nothing... leaves nothing. And if there was nothing... "something" couldn't have come out of "it."

    So, while we're on the subject, I must say that I find the theory that the universe came out of nothing, that there was nothing, then something occured... to bring "everything" into existence... matter... created from absolutely nothing... and then the "space" that was created as a result... as... ummmm... incomprehensible... as some find believing there was a creator. I mean, here you've got nothing... going along... along... along... with nothing happening... nothing present to MAKE anything happen... no gases... no matter... no energy source (or surge)... nothing. And then... "something" happens. Seriously? In spite of all of that... nothing?

    Okay, I get it: the theory is that "something" went "bang"... or combusted... in all of that nothing. But MY rational thinking says... WHAT could have GONE "bang"... or combusted... if there was NOTHING... TO go "bang"... or combust? SOMETHING... even if it was a tiny spec of dust... had to be there. Yet, only one speck wouldn't have been enough... because there was nothing for it to collide WITH... to GO "bang." Nothing... to destabilize it. At least, that's what my very limited but very rational mind has to conclude.

    But, wait... even if one theorized, well, maybe "it" became unstable on its own... as it... ummmm... changed, evolved... what have you... MY rational mind would say, well, okay, but you still have SOMETHING... tiny spec of dust though it may be.

    But even that creates (no pun intended) problems for me... in that I'm next supposed to believe that all of this... came out of that tiny spec... that whatever "force" was created by that tiny spec's "bang"... resulted in the entire physical universe... not to mention the earth... not to mention you and I... coming into existence. AND... being able to procreate. But that creates (again, no pun intended) another problem for ME in that all of this was "in" that tiny spec in the first place... had to be... because, remember, there was nothing other than that spec. I mean, even when earthling man attempts to recreate the "event"... there is something: the atom smasher, if not the atom that was smashed... and the atom that smashed into it. The petrie dish... if not the germ that is in it... and the "thing"... including an oxygen or other molecule (which is something)... that was introduced into the environment. The atom does not smash itself; it needs "something": another atom and a catapault. The germ does not evolve into another thing, but simply multiplies into more of itself.

    Yet, the theory is that what came out of that, well, spec, if you will... is expanding. Okay, I have not problem into that. But into what? Apparently... more nothing. The theory is that there is nothing outside of the physical universe, that it is expanding from within itself. I would counter, however, in my ignorance of these things... and I do not mean that sarcastically at all, for I am ignorant of such things... that the physical universe is not expanding, at all, but that what is INSIDE the physical universe... the dark expanse that we know as "space"... what is IN that space... is simply following the law of physics that says when a mighty wind occurs... whatever is in its path moves... away... from the source of the wind.

    And that is the "breath" that I was speaking of, dear NVL. That all of this indeed came "out" of something... "something" even bigger than it... not only in size (which I understand our very small human brains can't quite comprehend - we're still marvelling at how large the physical universe is)... but in capabilities. Which capabilties allow that "something" to also be so SMALL... that we can contain it... or Him... within us. Because we are a part of "it".

    And I believe that "something" to be something as simple... as Light. Which can exist outside of us (which it does)... as well as in us (if we allow it).

    Again, I am merely a piece of flesh... with no more wisdom or understanding of these things than the next "regular" folk. But, as I stated, the scientific explanation for how the physical world came into existence is just as implausible to me... as the Most Holy One of Israel, JAH of Armies, being the Source of it all is to others.

    I bid you peace.

    A slave of Christ, the True Light...


  • sabastious


    (and there was light)


  • SacrificialLoon

    I made a plastic bench at McDonald's resonate once, and nothing came into existence.

  • AGuest

    Funny thing, dear Sabastious (may you have peace!)... that "light" was NOT the light of the physical realm (i.e., the "luminaries"). Unfortunately, the scribes/copyists/secretaries didn't have a CLUE as to what they were writing about. The latter didn't even come into existence until the fourth "day."

    This light... was Christ... the TRUE Light.

    Prior to this, the "earth"... or physical realm... did not exist. NOTHING existed... but the Most Holy One of Israel... and His life force... holy spirit... the "water." Living water. Water of life. The "earth" was "formless" in that the physical world had not yet come into existence. Thus, the TRUTH is that the Hebrew word for "earth"... erets... means "world"... as in the physical world, NOT the planet Earth. And the Hebrew word for formless... "tohuw"... means "nothingness/empty space"... NOT a planet that had not, well, solidified, yet. There was nothing IN the physical world... but empty space.

    The Hebrew term "re'shiyth" used to denote the phrase "in the beginning" does NOT mean "at the first." It means "in the BEST part"... or the choicest part... or the WOMB... of the "woman". That "woman" is the spirit realm. Her womb... is the choicest place in the spirit realm... the ARK. Thus, the term means... "In the ARK." Because the physical realm... is INSIDE the spirit realm... which is OUTSIDE... the area that we know as "space."

    The first thing that came into being... that came OUT of the Ark... OUT of the womb of the Woman... OUT of the spirit world... INTO the physical world... was Christ, the True Light. The first BORN... of all creation.

    Unfortunately, the scribes/copyists/secretaries/theologists/theologians/scholars, etc., had absolutely NO clue as to what this account was speaking of... because they do not know that Light... or that this world... came OUT of that one. That the spirit world existed before the physical world.

    The spirit realm... is the "nothing"... that the world we live in... the "something"... came out OF.

    And it all came THROUGH that Light... Christ.

    I bid you peace.

    A slave of Christ,


  • tec

    Shelby -

    First - we think alike when it comes to creation (or the speck that is supposed to have come from nothing).

    Second - A few weeks ago, Stephen (Chalam) brought up something about the light being created in the beginning. I think it may have been on a trinity vs. unitarian thread, but I remember focusing on that and thinking - WOW. Not the physical light. But Christ. The light of life, of truth - that is within us if He is within us. I don't know if Stephen meant it that way or not (probably not), but it really struck a chord with me.

    Anyway, this was a few weeks ago, and I just wanted to share it with you and anyone else who might want to know.


  • AGuest

    Oh... my... gosh. I was greatly compelled to continue looking into this matter (may you all have peace) and came across some interesting statements. For example:

    "Sound doesn't propagate in space, or in any place without an atmosphere such as the surface of the moon. Sound is mechanical energy, and the energy must be "put into" the material (gas, liquid, solid) that is used to propagate it. This is in contrast to electromagnetic energy, like light, which is "self-contained" and can move through the vacuum of space..."

    "... everything we know about the universe comes from studying light (of all wavelengths)..."

    But it was this article... that helped me... and hopefully YOU understand that, no, you cannot create something... out of "nothing". You can, however, create something... out of LIGHT:

    "Out Of Pure Light, Physicists Create Particles Of Matter" -

    And so, now, I have to PRAISE JAH... and give Him GLORY... for letting me understand HOW the creation came to be: light. As simple a that. Light:

    And God... [the Most Holy One of Israel, whose name is JAH of Armies]... SAID: Let there be... Light. And there came to be... Light.

    "The true light... was about to come into the world. ... and the world came into existence through him..."

    The Most Holy One of Israel did not use sound to create the physical universe, dear ones. He used light.

    I bid you all peace.

    A slave of Christ, the Light... that came forth from God... and through whom all things came into existence,


  • AGuest

    Tams, girl (peace to you!)... you and I are on some kind of similar "path" here... a roll, even. A "lightwave" - LOLOLOLOL! I am SO glad to know you are on this "journey" with me! WELCOME, hang on ('cause it's a wild, but exhilarating ride!)... and, again, PEACE to you!

    YOUR servant, sister, and fellow slave of Christ,


  • garyneal

    But it was this article... that helped me... and hopefully YOU understand that, no, you cannot create something... out of "nothing". You can, however, create something... out of LIGHT:

    Yes, this is true. Basically, it is taking energy and converting it into matter. From my physics class, the photon of light ceases to exists and an electron and a positron is emitted. However, if I am not mistaken, another particle of matter needed to be nearby.

    Anyway, when the electron and positron collide, they anniliate one another and the energy is released in a photon. The circle is complete.

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