Marking - How would you know if you were marked?

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  • undercover
    D) I didn't care about any of the above.

    Good call...

    ...and that is the most dangerous (to them) category of all. To dare think, speak and act as you wish and not care how it was perceived.

  • cult classic
    cult classic

    Our congregation had lots of families. One evening there was a local needs talk about behavior behind closed doors. The elders had become concerned that some parents were disciplining their children in anger and that the kids were disrespectful. They talked about music and materialism. Then the brother highlighted the scripture about marking the disorderly ones.

    Well, of course the info applied to practically every family there. It was hilarious. We were like, "who are we going to hang out with because that applies to everybody."

    There was a new family that was a bit special attending that night and they insisted the talk was about them. The kids (teenagers) were crying afterwards and asking how everybody knew their business.... ROFL

  • cult classic
    cult classic

    I just wanted to add that in retrospect I think I was more afraid of being marked than being disfellowshipped! Something about not being sure of the reasons you could get marked scared me into total submission. My parents and the "more spiritual ones" in the congregation made marking seem so something.... i can't think of the word i need right now.

    edited: maybe it was that marking sealed the coffin on JW discipline. Everything that wasn't covered by df'g or reproof got thrown under the marking umbrella.

  • Alco Cop
    Alco Cop

    I was marked. I am employed in law enforcement and the Elers told me since I was armed they had to mark me. To protect the congregation. ? An elder told me when they were going to give a "special needs" talk. I think they were surprised that I showed up for the meeting to hear that, since I was a police officer, I was "unexemplary". I really didn't care but my children were ignored and shunned because of it. Kids are tough and they forgive easier than I did but they also don't ever forget. My son and daughter, now adults with their own families, are not JW's.

  • Finally-Free

    There were a number of talks in my hall saying that we had no business "marking" anyone personally and that this form of "discipline" was to be left up to the elders. That being said, I think I was "marked" for 20 years and no one ever bothered telling me why.


  • moshe

    My ex-wife and my son and daughter figured out that they were marked when nobody accepted their invitations or invited my kids to play with the other KH families. What did they do? My ex-wife did everything by the WT book- she divorced me in order to get her apostate husband and father out of the house and the local JWs later decided my kids were probably contaminated, because they still had regular legally required visitation with me. So in the end JW paranoia played into my hand, as my kids turned on the KH and so did my ex-wife, who later left the KH and no longer believes the WT has the truth.

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