In the past, FAKE newspaper coverage of WT "International Conventions" in the US

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  • AndersonsInfo

    I forgot to include the following material which actually began the paragraph of my story about the newspaper deception that I wrote about in the Freeminds article. I'm pasting it here because it solidifies my claim that newspapers outside of the convention perimeter did not cover the big NY conventions the way the WT has led us to believe.

    The year I'm writing about is 1993 when I began to study the Bible with Frances Pollini, a JW and a pioneer.

    "Following two months of meaningful replies to my questions during our home Bible study, I inquired of Frances if there was a specific religion connected with the home Bible study work. “What do you call yourself?” I wanted to know. She replied, “Jehovah’s Witnesses, a religion directed by the Watch Tower organization in Brooklyn.” We had never heard of the religion before even though during July of that year thousands of Jehovah’s Witnesses met together in an international convention at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, NY, which was about thirty miles from our home. It seemed odd to me at the time that I didn’t read reports of such a large meeting of nearly 166,000 people in our newspaper. I found out later that there was a tremendous amount of newspaper coverage of the 1953 Witness convention, but in a surprising way."


  • UN plugged
    UN plugged

    It would be interesting to see a scan of a "Special Edition" newspaper and a regular one dated the same day, so we could compare the two. Does anyone have one of these "Special Edition" newspapers?

  • minimus

    Thanks Barb for the eye opener.

  • AndersonsInfo

    Whoops, I meant to say in my previous post, "The year I'm writing about is 1993 1953 when I began to study the Bible with Frances Pollini, a JW and a pioneer."


  • cantleave

    I remember the Twickenham editions as a kid. Even then I knew they were published just for the attendees. Lets face it.... who else would be interested?

  • cyberjesus

    Mom are you wearing your glasses? :-)

  • AndersonsInfo

    When I started compiling the information for this "Fake newspaper coverage" thread, it crossed my mind that maybe the WT was making a cut off of these "Special Editions." Since I had no proof they were, I left the subject alone. However, it appears from information that came my way this afternoon, WT did indeed make money. Hopefully, some posters will tell us what they know. Stay tuned.

    OK, cyberjesus, if you're talking to me, "Yes, I'm wearing my glasses." My problem is not seeing, it's thinking! I've been working on a blog article for Freeminds and it's the 1990s when the events that I'm writing about took place. I'm finding it's not easy to switch from one subject to another and from one date to another all in the same few hours! Blame it on overload! Please give me an "E" for "Effort" not "Excellence."


  • Leolaia

    We still have somewhere the "special edition" of the Honolulu Advertiser or Star Bulletin (forget which one it was) for the 1978 International Convention; it had huge extra sections devoted to the assembly. As a young child, I was so impressed that the newspaper took such an interest; it made me think the assembly was a bigger deal than it really was.

  • cyberjesus

    Was it Fake newspaper coverage? or rather Paid Local newspaper coverage? like paid advertisement. Newspapers do that all the time they insert "articles" that are paid by the advertiser and make them look like news. Regardless, it is a deceptive practice from the newspaper that since it benefited the WT they kept their mouths closed.

    And Barb yes since you lost a Son to the WT and I lost my parents to the WT then I consider you my Mom ;-)

    (hey I was in bethel and my dad was too at some point)

  • brotherdan

    I think many of us think of Barbara as our mom!

    Here's a gushy msg for you Barb. You have been essential in helping so many people to be comfortable in how they feel about the organization. I think most of us had some major reservations for a long time, but shoved those down because of what we were taught. But you had the courage to talk about what you saw on the inside. What did you have to gain from it? Did you make enough money to make you feel ok about losing the closeness of your son to the WT? Of course not. You chose to expose the truth instead of hide it for your own benefit. Your example means so much to me. Especially during this time where my wife is deeply stuck in the organization, I know that I could be as courageous as you and stand up for what is right. I am terrified to lose my mama and my dad. I am terrified of my wife leaving me and taking my 2 beautiful sons. But if that is what is required of me, I know that I can do it. Why? Largely because you set an amazing example and did it.

    There are so many of us that are so grateful to you and will never forget the courage that you have shown. You are not an apostate. You are a loving person that cares about truth and freedom.

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