In the past, FAKE newspaper coverage of WT "International Conventions" in the US

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    I shouldn't be surprised but I am. I grew up in the cult and never knew about this. I think of ALL the dastardly deeds the WTS has done, this pisses me off the most. Everything else they did, I chalked up to a bunch of misguided old men, but this shows their true nature.

  • AndersonsInfo

    Regarding the "E. F. Hutton" commercial, that's not true if applied to me. Joe Anderson doesn't listen! He usually falls asleep when I talk to him.

    I fogot to add to my last post two important quotes that prove WT paid for ads. New York Times of September 21, 1914:

    Pastor Russell's Sermons appear weekly in approximately fifteen hundred newspapers in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, South Africa, Australia and Scandinavia, in four languages. We have contracted with the New York Times for these two columns, paying therefor their regular advertising rates--desiring that the people of this metropolis of the world should have equal opportunity with others in respect to these sermons. International Bible Students Association

    On page 58 in Proclaimers there is a photo of seven newspapers. In the newspaper in the foreground, where the date "29, 1915" and page "9" are visible, there is a box above Pastor Russell's printed sermon which reads:

    Pastor Russell's Syndicated Sermons appear weekly in approximately fifteen hundred newspapers in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, South Africa, Australia and Scandinavia, in four languages. Metropolitan cities are not controlled by the Syndicate, hence we are permitted to publish these instructive sermons in the leading newspapers, paying therefor at advertising rates. INTERNATIONAL BIBLE STUDENTS ASSOCIATION

    It was in the December 1, 1904 Watch Tower that sermons by Russell were appearing in three newspapers. By 1913, it was estimated that 2,000 newspapers were printing the sermons.

    With a long past of using newspapers for "newspaper gospelling" is it any wonder that WT and newspaper publishers made "deals" that were profitable for both sides.


  • wasblind

    Oh my !!!! LOL

    that's ok ,we are that's for sure.

  • wasblind

    Hello Barbara, i have a kindom proclaimers book, i thought i threw it out with some other stuff but i found it way back in my closet

    i just whipped it out, and looked at what you refered to. as you stated in one of your other post this book is not much use for the

    witnesses today, but i use it for fire power. Watchtower trash is now our treasure.

  • wasblind

    When i found this in my closet, the first chapter i turned to was chapter 28

    Testing and Sifting from within.

  • AndersonsInfo

    Here’s another item about the “Syndicate” from the April 15, 1909 WT, p. 4376:

    In the interest of the work we have contracted with a Newspaper Syndicate, giving it a general control of the sermons,--to say which newspapers may have them and which may not, the terms, etc. This Syndicate will handle the sermons for profit, nevertheless at a low price. Be assured that Brother Russell makes no profit by the sale of the Gospel. In view of this we advise that our friends hereafter refrain from any effort to have the sermons published in any newspaper—contenting themselves with the encouragement of the papers which are publishing them. The addresses of all the papers publishing these sermons will be sent to us. If your subscriptions are sent to us without specifying which paper you desire we will see that you get the one published nearest to your home, either a daily or weekly, as you may prefer. In most cases we can supply these to you cheaper than you could subscribe for them yourself, because the “Watch Tower” has a clubbing arrangement with many of these.

    Remember what the book, Jehovah’s Witnesses in the Divine Purpose, said about the Syndicate, that it was comprised of four members of the headquarters staff at Bethel? The 1984 WATCH TOWER Centennial Booklet on page 24 corroborates that the syndicate was made up of “brothers”:

    In addition to using its own publications, the Society arranged to have sermons of Charles Taze Russell published in newspapers. In cooperation with the Society a syndicate of brothers was formed that regularly supplied Brother Russell’s sermons to many newspapers throughout the United States, Canada and Europe.

    Further information about the Syndicate from the April 1, 1910 Watch Tower:

    Curiosity as to why Bro. Russell takes the trip to Jerusalem is not to be wondered at amongst our readers. He is recognized as being intensely practical and having a reason for every move.

    His motive in this instance is not curiosity, nor change of scenery, nor health, nor relaxation; for a stenographer accompanies him, so that not an hour may be lost.

    He goes at the suggestion of the newspaper syndicate which handles his sermons, and all of his expenses are provided for. The syndicate feel the public pulse and urge that it is necessary to center the public interest upon the preacher in order to make his sermons the more attractive to the publishers and to the reading public. Brother Russell yields to anything which does not bridle his tongue nor compromise the truth.

  • sabastious

    This story has unethical written all over it. I feel ashamed to have been a part of this deceptive organization :(


  • Jim_TX

    I never knew of this practice (the 'Special Editions' of the newspapers), but it does not surprise me. The first KH I attended when I was a wee lad had one of the framed photos of the 1958 Assembly, and there was one or two old-timers that went to the KH that actually attended it.

    I was always in awe at their having been to one of the largest assemblies that the JWs ever held.

    As for the 'Special Editions' of the newspapers, it's a win-win for the Society. They were able to have these sold to JWs who attended and were enthralled that they were getting such great media coverage. LAter, if they wondered why no one in New York paid attention to it, it could be passed off as the non-believers having a 'hard heart', and deserving of destruction (even though they never really heard of it).

    Thanks for this info.


    Jim TX

  • startingover

    My dad was the Public Relations Servant for our local circuit and also for the District Conventions. As a child I remember going 2 weeks early to the convention site every summer so he could do the PR work and get all the press releases sent out in preparation for the convention. I remember the big bulletin board at the conventions where all the clippings from the local and surrounding newspapers were displayed after coming out in print.

    I also remember that he indeed did write these releases and I remember conversations about the coverage and how good it was. The only complaint I remember, and it was a big one for me, was what happened occasionally with my dad's picture. Since he was the big wig congregation servant, his picture would usually go with the press release to our local paper as it did with every congregation servant thoughout the circuit, and sometimes they would slip in the title Rev. under his picture. It was hard enough growing up as a JW, but to be known as a preacher's son on top of that was really hard for me to deal with.

    This info about the "Special Editions" is new to me. And at this point not surprizing anymore. Thanks Barbara so much for posting it.

  • Farkel

    howdy again, Barb!

    : In the past, FAKE newspaper coverage of WT "International Conventions" in the US

    Doesn't surprise me, and I'm fearless! Everything about that religion is a fake.


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