Rare interview Simon Green (founder JWN) on Six Screens

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  • koolaid-man

    We all remember 2008 ,that was the year this discussion forum came close to shutting down. Simon Green and his wife Angie are our guests on the call. They are the founders and administrators of perhaps the largest critical site of the Watchtower ( JWN DISCUSSION BOARD) Simon tells the callers that he is shutting the board down for posters. As of August 2008, over three million posts have been made on this most popular forum. Posters on this forum were pleading with Simon to please keep the board up! Listen in for a rare interview with Simon and is wife Angie. Click below.

    http://www.sixscreensofthewatchtower.com/conferencecall-8-16-08.html RECORDED CALL

  • Mattieu

    Will do, sounds good. Cheer, Mattieu

  • minimus

    Simon Greene, Apostate #1

  • Mattieu

    SG = Satans Godson........ Hmmmm, if he is related, should I listen, after all, he did offer me the bannana tree.........

  • cantleave

    Just listened to this.

    Simon and Anghrad - I am so glad that you guys didn't close this site for posting. I joined June 2009, it has saved me and my family. I really do love you guys for providing this forum.

  • AudeSapere

    marking for later

  • dissed

    Where would I be without this site? I shudder to think...


    *sticky note*

  • koolaid-man

    AudeSapere So many people have been helped to exit the Watchtower org. because of JWN. We are all happy it was not shut down!

  • Simon

    Oh god ... my 15 minutes of fame infamy!

    I'm glad I didn't close the forum - it's helped us a lot and while it helps anyone else I think it deserves to live.

    It's really quite 'strange' being known for anything ... almost like JWN Simon is a completely different person that I read about.

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