My wife has asked me to tone it down

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  • JWinprotest

    Lately I've been making a lot of negative comments about the WTS at family gatherings, trying to plant seeds of doubt whenever I can. But my wife thinks I'm going overboard and starting to raise suspicion. We had a huge argument last night because I told her I'd rather not go to the gatherings at all than to stay quiet. You see my rants are always instigated by someone overly praising the Society and the organization and how lucky they are to be a part of it, and it just does not sit well with me.

    What is your opinion, should I let things go and keep peace, or do you think I should still throw the jabs every chance I get, in hopes that I can open the eyes of a loved one.

  • acolytes

    Give it time.


  • StAnn

    J-WIP, the one things the JDubs lack is love. You already know that people won't start to question until they are ready. When that time comes, they will turn to the people in the family who are loving and who are accepting of them, no matter what. I've been amazed over the years, since I'm the big bad apostate, that when any of my extended family have had doubts about the JDubs, I'm the one they call. For me, I'm taking the attitude of showing them by my life that you can have peace and happiness outside of the Borg and that you are free to give unconditional love. This stark contrast to the life of a JDub seems to create more unrest in the minds of the JDubs than out and out "doubt planting." When I tried that approach, it just made the JDubs feel persecuted and ever more righteous because their precious WTS was being questioned.

    My family had a big reunion picnic in June. I did not attend and told my father that I would not attend because the JWs treat non-JWs disrespectfully. My husband has asserted that he will not allow his children to see their mother mistreated. I made no bones about the fact that I would not attend because of the unloving conduct of the JDubs. You just have to decide what will work best for you. If you are so angry with the WTS that you can't control your tongue, which is certainly understandable, you might be better to stay away for awhile until the intensity of your emotions subsides.

  • yknot

    Assume her words as counter intelligence from the field, suspicion is rising, fall back , fall back........ larger artillary will be called in with deadly consequences, you don't have to win every battle to win the war.

    When confronted with too praise worthy phrases, consider laughing and say you know if a 'worldy' was to hear that they would assume you believe that the GB is your savior and not Jesus, you don't wanna bring reproach do you?

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  • chrisjoel

    You could politely interupt her/them and change the subject with anything else, making ANYTHING ELSE more important, at least for the moment....hehe

    Sister Gertrude- "Oh how I love the way the Society is dealing with preaching the good news!"
    Your wife- smiling at sister gertrudes sucking on the tits of the society

    You- Hey Sister Gertrude have you seen the potatoes? I lkem mashed, you?

    You know, take away the "thunder" of the society and replace with "potatoes"...heh

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  • StAnn

    To hijack chrisjoel's idea, you could also do a little compare and contrast:

    Sister Gertrude- "Oh how I love the way the Society is dealing with preaching the good news!"

    Your wife- smiling at Sister Gertrude's sucking on the tits of the Society

    You- Hey, Sister Gertrude, have you noticed Trinity Broadcast Network or the Eternal Word Television Network on Cable? It's amazing, they are doing a worldwide preaching work and are actually getting inside of millions of households because they're on the TV. And i hear they really are having lots of conversions because of it. Which worldwide preaching work do you think is more effective, the TV evangelization or knocking on doors?

    And be oh, so sincere when you query her.

  • sir82

    Rather than "making a lot of negative comments", why not raise a question that you have, that "causes you trouble", and see if they can answer it?

    Sister Gertrude: "How wonderful it is that the preaching work is being accomplished!"

    JWInprotest: "Oh, yes, but you know, sometimes I think about the 100's of millions of people in China, India, and the Islamic countries where there are virtually no JWs. I'll bet there's probably at least 3 billion people who have never even heard the name "Jehovah", much less received a witness."

    Brother Pompous: "Did you see how the Catholic church is deep into the child abuse scandal again? Boy, Jehovah sure is going destroy them soon!"

    JWInprotest: "Oh yes, in fact all religions that tolerate pedophilia are reprehensible. That's why it disturbed me so much to read about how "we" (JWs) settled numerous child abuse cases out of court for many millions of dollars a few years ago. It seems "we" have a few skeletons in our closet too."

  • leavingwt

    I would either avoid these gatherings or refrain from making any waves.

    More than anything, you're wife wants to feel SAFE and SECURE. Potentially outing yourself as an apostate (and her as a knowing accomplice) does not make her feel safe.

    More than 95% of the JWs that you know will always be JWs. Live your life and be glad you're out.

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