What is the big plan for the Great Day?

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  • exwhyzee
    Another question: Wasn't there a rumor back in the '70s about an unnatural increase in bird population?

    Yes there was a rumor about that. I specifically remember in the summer of 1974 ( I was in 11 th grade and the Way We Were was in the Theaters) A Brother Wayne G. raised his hand at the WT study and said "Scientist have reported that there has been a marked increase in carrion birds in the last year." An then proceeded to declare that this was in preperation for the clean up work after the big A. I remember this vividly because the Watchtower conductor, Harold B. said " Unless we can verify this kind of information, lets keep our comments based on whats being brought out in today's study article...as far as I know...this is only a rumor." You could have heard a pin drop....and Wayne G. got mighty red in the face.

    Memories, light the corners of my mind,

    Ghoulish Watchtower Cover memories,

    Of the way we were,

    Scattered literature, next to bodies left behind,

    Empty houses that once belonged to others,

    now dead, for the way they were,

    Can it be that it was all so simple then,

    Or have they written all new light,

    If they had the chance to do it all again,

    Tell me would they?

    Could they?

    Memories, may be frightening and yet,

    What's too painful to remember ,

    They simply chose to forget.

  • Dark Side
    Dark Side

    then drink the koolaid and wait.

    I guess, on the plus side, they won't be waiting long

    Fear ye not, stand still, and see the salvation of the LORD

    So they can't dodge the falling buildings and fireballs?

    All kidding aside, how many Witnesses, even if they are completely convinced they will survive, are just going to stand and watch the destruction of the world? How many Witnesses will stand and watch as their God murders the vast majority of the people they know? How many Witnesses will stand and watch as birds and animals pick apart the corpses of their family and friends?

    As a Witness, I never really thought about these things. I actually prayed for Jehovah to make it happen.

    I wonder if my three kids will praise their God as my carcass rots in the sun. Probably

  • Soldier77

    I was always told that I would just stand there and Jehovah would put a protective bubble around me. Talk about a WTF? look on my face when I heard that one.

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    Bird watching seems to be a popular conversation topic at witness gatherings.

    One of the last ones I went to a young woman said to me "have you noticed all the birds lately" I felt sick inside and I couldn't hold back so I just told her that I didn't enjoy thinking about the death of billions and I walked away.

  • Dark Side
    Dark Side

    I was always told that I would just stand there and Jehovah would put a protective bubble around me.

    That's kinda funny, Soldier. I always wondered why he just didn't do that for Noah and his family and all those animals. Maybe he can't blow bubbles that big?

  • Dark Side
    Dark Side

    I just told her that I didn't enjoy thinking about the death of billions and I walked away

    For me, that's one of the worst aspects of the cult. The zombies don't even think about what they're actually praying for. They do it by rote

  • Hadit

    We were always told that they don't know how the people will be protected. It was pointed out that Noah and Lot didn't see the actual murders of everyone and so if you are seeing the destruction at Armageddon you are probably going to get destroyed yourself. As for after the fact then we get to see all the dead and rejoice because wickedness is gone and joyfully clean up the dead remains. Yay. How wonderful. The bird poplulation thing is absolutely preposterous. How loving getting all excited that there are more birds which means the Big A is coming and they are getting ready to eat the dead.

    I always used to point out how the 1,000 year reign afterwards is kinda like what Hitler's ideology was. Boy the looks I got!

    Wow - it's all so ridiculous when you actually use your brain and think!

  • agonus

    It's funny, but for a religion that has to hire lawyers to explain to their adherents which fractions of fractions are a conscience matter, they sure are tight-lipped when it comes to details about how the Big A will go down. Which is ironic since they've recently stated in the Koolaid rag to be ready for "detailed instructions"... without even providing a clue or one whit of a clue as to what the hell those instructions might be.

  • Poztate
    Hide in the house? Run for the hills? Congregate at the nearest Kingdom Hall? Go about their business, trusting that Jehovah will keep them safe?

    My Dad had a B.S. in the 1950's who bought himself an old School Bus so he could "flee to the mountains" when Armageddon™ came.

    It was not what my Dad had taught but how it seen by the B.S. ..... I wonder if he still has the Bus..

  • Soldier77

    This just in agonus:

    Instruction: 1) Pull down pants. 2) Bend over. 3) Scream like you want it.

    That's what I feel the instructions or anything else that they ram down the R&F throats about rules and regulations. I seem to recall Pharisees had about as many r&r as JWs.

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