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  • transhuman68

    I quit the FIRST time after smoking really low-tar cigarettes- they might have been 1 mg, they taste like burning paper and have no kick to them.

    Don't ask what has happened since...

  • Hadit

    Great job on getting down to less than 10! Well I've never smoked so I have limited suggestions but you could try acupuncture. Also you need to replace the habit with a new healthy habit as one habit usually turns into another. Try to find the underlying cause of your smoking - stress or whatever it may be and try to minimize it. Stay away from smokers as much as you can at least for now while you are trying to quit.

    Good luck Quentin You can do it!

    V665 - LOL! Great story.

  • blondie

    jws are not df'd just for smoking for any use of tobacco, chewing tobacco, etc. Chewing tobacco has it own health problems, just saw a show about a baseball player who got mouth cancer and deformed his face besidies threatening death.

    When the WTS came out about not using tobacco, betel nut, or coca leaves, it was not just about smoking or a health issue but was considered spiritism.

  • zadok777

    Quentin-By what ever means STOP today. I smoked for over 20 years and just could not stop. Yes, got disfellowshipped. But stilled smoked, up to over 3 pack a day. I tried to cut back, but the body need the fix about every 40 minutes. I tried the gum, the patch, rubber band shock effect. Even when the job band smoking inside, I was able to work outside and could not stop. One time I stopped for 21 days but returned...Yes I like to smoke...It gave the UP when up was needed and the DOWN when down was wanted, but the bad breath, tooth and mouth problems, burned clothing, ash trays, and drinking all was a down hill slide toward a very bad outcome. HOW DID I STOP? No great revelation, but to me it was STOP or DIE. The day I had my heart attack was the day I stopped. It is now 15 years. Life is worth living. The WBTS likes to say we are already death in God's eyes. They are not our judge. The best to you Quentin. I hope you can find it in yourself to stop. It is a fight only you can fight. Now start fighting...Zadok777

  • Quirky1

    I've been thinking about starting smoking...should I start with the gum or the patch..

  • Quentin

    Thanks for the encouragment....only way to stop is stop...something I have to do, so, I'll do it......

  • nelly136

    definately the gum quirky, my next door neighbour gave up his cigars on that stuff just as i was moving ten years ago, hes still chewing it now, his missus moans it costs more for his packets of gum than his cigars ever did and at least she could empty the ashtray and be rid, instead of finding blobs of chewed gum stuck to anything and everything.

  • Heaven

    The only way my ex's mother was successful at quitting was by getting hypnotherapy.

  • Robdar

    e cigarettes are interesting. They are not quite a satisfying as the real ones but will work in a pinch. The only problems I have encountered is sometimes they are hard to draw on and other times they will knock you out with the nicotin vapor.

  • Quentin

    Have gone the day with out...will keep you posted...this is hard

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