Question on Case of Disfellowshipped then Committed Suicide

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  • ruruj

    There was an occurrence years ago where a JW wrongdoer was disfellowshipped. In a matter of days this poor victim committed suicide.

    Would there be any kind of accountability for the victim's suicide death?

    How frequent do these cases happen?

  • Mary

    Are you talking about the experience I related on this thread?

    This story was told to me several years ago when I was still in. The sister that told me about it had been in the congregation at some point and knew the situation well. As a Witness, it bothered me enormously that this woman had been wrongly disfellowshipped and then ended up committing suicide because of the effects of shunning. If memory serves, no one was ever held accountable for what happened to her. Her filthy pig of a husband was free to remarry because once she had committed suicide, he was technically a widower. Surprisingly, he didn't marry the family dog, he managed to find some desperate woman in the 'truth'. As far as I know, he's still in 'good standing' in the congregation, although I admit, I have no way of verifying this. He got his knuckles wrapped a bit for doing what he did with the dog, but he was not disfellowshipped for it.

    The Society, the elders, her husband----are all responsible for what happened to this poor woman, yet no one was ever held accountable. In their eyes, she "ran ahead of the Organization" and therefore deserves no sympathy.

    I can really see why JW's are 'the happiest people on earth'!

  • ruruj

    Well (x3) Mary, we have 2 cases so far. As unfortunate as it might be, any other/more like cases?

    Also, answering other questions mentioned above?

  • thetrueone

    It would be hard to nail down how frequent shunned JWS commit suicide but it does happen.

    There have been a few posters here stated that they had members of their family commit suicide from

    matters of homosexuality as well for many other reasons.

    When I was in, I personally knew of 3 young teens 2 boys and a girl over a span of a couple of years,

    who took their own lives, most likely from the insecurity and sensitivity of that time in a person's life

    and the anxiety and stress built up from the supposed imminent Armageddon.

    Frankly in my life time 50+ I've heard mostly JWS committing suicide, through family relationships with outside JWS.

    This cult is deadlier than what most people think.

  • ruruj

    Discussion JW suicide count: 5

    JW Disfellowshipping suicide count: 2

    I think there is a pattern here. Does anyone have the ability to study and gather facts about this?

    Please continue the discussion.

  • Out at Last!
    Out at Last!

    Search on youtube, I remember seeing one where a 16 year old in England? was DF'ed for homosexuality and he killed himself. The family told their story and gave their names and everything.

  • 5thGeneration

    I know of quite a few who simply left and committed suicide. Not sure any were DF'd though.

    I did know 2 former elders extremely well who ended their lives.

    I think by the DF stage and the closure it brings, the person may be a bit more stable than those that are severely depressed, faded or fading and carry such a heavy JW guilt along with their depression.

    But obviously I'm no expert.


  • oompa

    i know of one in NC...he was gay....the elder told me with glee that he dfd him knowing that the boy may take his life and he did....the elder felt no remorse....he was a close friend of mine...the elder....not anymore.................................oompa.........bastard

  • 5thGeneration

    Good to see you Oompa.

  • brizzzy

    In Tony Dushane's book, Confessions of a Teenage Jesus Jerk, he writes of a teenager who was slated to be disfellowshipped for apostasy and killed himself after the judicial committee. The body of elders went ahead and announced his disfellowshipping even after the suicide, and made no reference to the kid killing himself.

    The book is billed as fiction, but I know Tony's said that much of it is autobiographical, so I wonder if that was based on a real experience.

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