UN & NGO - PRO-WT Apologetics is TOP HIT on Google search!

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  • Essan

    I typed in 'Watchtower NGO' into Google search the other day and was shocked to see that the TOP result was for a Pro-WTBTS site called 'jehovahsjudgement'

    I'm very disappointed by this because it means that one of the first sites JW's searching for the truth about the Society's involvement with the UN are going to come across is this deceitful apologetics page which tries to make it seem like the Society affiliating with the UN is no big deal and perfectly acceptable!

    This Pro-WTBTS site is successfully debunked by a response site - http://jehovahsjudgmentexposed.blogspot.com/ - which takes apart their excuses and manipulative deceptions fairly expertly, but still, this site doesn't appear when you do a Google search and I had to look really hard to find it. And while this site allows response comments and feedback, so there can be open discussion, and it even links directly to the site it is debunking, the Pro-WTBTS site does not allow comments or discussion (surprise, surprise) and has no links to a counter argument, and apparently does not make changes to factually incorrect material or include all relevant material - if it is damning to the Society - even when these errors and omissions are pointed out to the author (I think the author goes by the name of Thirdwitness online).

    I think it's a real shame that JW's just beginning to allow themselves to question the Society's words and actions and who are still, most likely, looking for any excuse - however feeble - to dismiss the upsetting accusations against the Society, are going to find this site FIRST when they Google "Watchtower NGO". This could hinder a lot of people from investigating further and discovering the whole truth.

    Is there any way this can be rectified? How do certain sites manage to become the top search result and how can that be changed?

    Any thoughts.

  • bohm

    1) its a blog. Blogs are automatically voted down by googles algorithms.

    2) more people need to link to it from high-traffic sites.

  • Essan

    Hi Bohm. Thanks for sharing your knowledge

    So you are saying that the site exposing the Pro-Society site - the jehovah's judgement exposed site - is a blog and therefore won't appear as a top result? So if it became a proper site, it might appear at the top?

    Are you saying that if lot's of people here linked to it then it might reach the top? If so, I'll link it again! :) http://jehovahsjudgmentexposed.blogspot.com/

    Something needs to be done about this as I think it's very damaging. What I can't understand is there are so many great sites and pages out there presenting all the information and reasoning on it in light on the Society's own statements and reaching the only reasonable conclusion - that the Society is a liar and a hypocrite - yet this one Pro-JW site appears before them? I don't get it.

    Anyway, I'm sure there is something we as a community can do about it. I know I'm not the only one who cares that JW's have the best possible chance of discovering the whole truth if they manage to muster up the courage to look online.

    Who is going to win the internet war, the Ex-JWs and 'conscious' JW's, or the Society and their worshippers online?

  • middleman


    Thank you for your kind words about my blog. In the future I have plans to make a full blown website with this information in the content, as well as other issues. I guess for now people can link to my site and hopefully get the word out better. Let me know if you (or anyone else) has any questions, thoughts, or ideas on this.


  • middleman

    Something interesting is that I was tipped off by some people that "3W" is watching my site and the comments. He runs a forum and there's a thread where they're "watching" me. Me thinks the let it go.

    Here's the site---> http://ewatchman-exposed.co.uk/research/read.php?t=2880&reply=3#msg3

  • cantleave

    Fantastic work Middleman.

  • Essan

    Thanks Middleman, both for responding here and for all your hard work in exposing the ridiculous and hypocritical apologetics of those who refuse to hold the Society to the same standards with which it mercilessly condemns every other religion and their members - preaching death for 'sins' they themselves commit, and then lying about it!

    I look forward to the new site and hope that members will help in the meantime by linking to your blog and getting the word out.

    If anyone else who has any other suggestions regarding how to resolve the anomaly discussed in the first post then I'd love to hear them.

  • jookbeard

    keep up the good work Middleman

  • cattails

    The jehovahsjudgment_co_uk website smells like something Momma WT Society made to look like someone not connected with the official website may have put together. Something smells fishy and awful close to the Brooklyn bridge.

    1. Active witnesses aren't supposed to get involved in making webpages devoted to apologetics. They are to point people to the Watchtower_org website.

    2. The way the Chapters synopsis appears on the first page is very reminiscent of the treatment of articles in the official website, i.e. a professionally made graphic with a little text and bolded title.

    3. In the Spanish XJW forum there was talk awhile back that the Watchtower Society had invited some brothers with Web development skills to write pages, one brother was from Mexico if I recall.

    4. The arguments made in the jj-co-uk website are quite similar to the official responses given to people who received letters back from Momma WT HQ about the NGO "affair".

    If the WT wanted they would contact the person and discuss why he's not following the official recommendation about personal witnessing pages. The persons name is given in the WHOIS lookup...

    Here's the WHOIS info for the domain (but note you don't have to be in the UK to host a webpage in the UK, so Al Taylor could be anywhere, even at Brooklyn, Patterson or Wallkill for all we know):

    Domain name: jehovahsjudgment.co.uk Registrant: Al Taylor Registrant type: UK Individual Registrant's address: The registrant is a non-trading individual who has opted to have their address omitted from the WHOIS service. Registrar: Webfusion Ltd t/a 123-Reg.co.uk [Tag = 123-REG] URL: http://www.123-reg.co.uk Relevant dates: Registered on: 29-Oct-2008 Renewal date: 29-Oct-2010 Last updated: 29-Oct-2008 Registration status: Registered until renewal date. Name servers: ns1.openhosts.com ns2.openhosts.com WHOIS lookup made at 03:31:33 15-Aug-2010
  • cattails

    Here's an interesting conversation about Al Taylor and 3rd Witness:


    The question posed was:

    Is Al Taylor, the Watchtower 3rd Witness, employed by Jehovah's Witnesses?

    Since it has come out that the identity of the Third Witness, Jehovah Witness apologist, is Al Taylor of England, does anyone know if he is actually getting pated by the Watchtower to publish propaganda for the Watchtower? I can imagine it takes quite a bit of money to maintain his web sites and print hard copies of his propaganda. Is he getting payed by the Watchtower? Does he count the time he invests in his elaborate defenses of the Watchtower's association with the Wild Beast of Revelation?

    I also noticed that our bar-enosh is a regular poster on the Third Witness websites. Could Bar-Enosh be none other than Al Taylor, the secret Third Witness of Revelation?

    Additional Details

    It's not an accusation it's a question. Why so many JWs up in arms about it? They obviously look upon this Third Witness as a sort of prophet. They sure do defend him as if he were one of the Governing body!
    Some of the answers at yahoo to the above question and asker are just plain mean-spirited and very abusive of character, are these people Christians responding? Wow!

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