UN & NGO - PRO-WT Apologetics is TOP HIT on Google search!

by Essan 23 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • cattails

    I've been trying to look online for any connections between "Al Taylor" and 3rd Witness.

    Have any JWD/JWN posters ever run into 3rd Witness, or Al Taylor, online in one of the forums?

    I'm beginning to think that the WTS actually backs 3rd Witness' activities as an apologist.

    This could blow up in their faces if it can be proven to be true. It's almost like a "spy-counter-spy" movie of sorts.

  • Ice cream
    Ice cream

    Thanks for the link Essan.

    Superb blog Middleman .

  • Elder-Patrol

    That website is hilarious! Check ths out:



    Dr. Evil

    It's a very professionally-designed site, well presented and entertaining. Furthermore, it gets an impressive amount of traffic (not just click-throughs). It would be extremely hard to bump this site down in the Google results.


    Hey Cattails..

    I`ve had it out with 3rd on this board..

    He`s as Crazy as most of the Apologists are..

    AlanF has kicked his ass around numerous times..

    3rd may even be posting here,under a new name..

    "Reniaa" became "Debator"....."Alice in Wonderland" is now "Confearacy"..

    Trolls are notorious for changing their board names..


  • Essan

    Hey Cattails. That's some great sleuthing you did there.

    Yeah, the website seemed a little too professional and 'glossy' to be simply simply an amateur production. It does reek of the Society, both it's use of deceptive doublespeak and it's presentation.

    I wonder.

  • ziddina

    I'm coming into this stone- cold, but...

    Didn't much of the Watchtower Society's literature CONDEMNING the UN as the "Wild Beast" upon whom "Babylon the Great, the Great Harlot" rides, occur over 15 - 20 years ago???

    I remember that teaching [UN is the "Wild Beast"....] clearly from MY time in the WTBTS, and I exited in 1983 - or thereabouts... I guess that teaching was greatly watered-down and softened in the intervening years as a result of their [WTBTS'] involvement with the UN, correct???

    Therefore, the blazing hypocrisy WON'T BE AS OBVIOUS to JWs of a younger GENERATION than myself - they simply haven't had that drilled into their little JW heads as thoroughly as it was in "my" time - 1958 to 1983...

    In fact, the supposed 'progression' of the "King of the North" and the "King of the South", which is discussed in several threads on-board regarding the study book on the book of Daniel, has completely disintegrated, too... Russia was supposed to be the "King of the North", with its totem animal of the 'Bear' being drawn as a parallel to the prophecies in the book of Daniel...

    But again, unless the younger generations of JWs get the opportunity to read the 20-year-old books, THEY'LL NEVER KNOW...

    I would certainly think that an education program going through the old literature - perhaps as a YouTube video, perhaps on someone's website or blog, would be a very effective way to expose Watchtower illogic and misinformation to the younger Witness generations...

    The Watchtower Society tries to block such sites using copyright laws, though... Right???


  • Nostromo
  • Essan

    Thanks for that Nostromo.

    That sounds like the battle of the loons. LOL.


    About the only thing Watchman ever got right is that the Society's involvement with the UN is grossly hypocritical and, by their own definitions, Apostasy. Otherwise, Watchman is as much a false prophet as Russell and Rutherford ever were, just less successful.

  • avengers

    Hey everyone here.

    I haven't been here for a few years but these last couple of weeks I started checking it somewhat.
    Anyway; this website has been around for years. This guy and I had it out a couple of times but he seems
    to be totally void of reason.

    He does not have the brain grain in his head that nothing or anything he states will have anything to do with the fact
    that the Watchtower has laid in bed with the Scarlet Wild Beast. They admitted that!! Why would they need an apologist if nothing happened?

    This guy IMO forms no danger to the honest non hypocrit mind.

    Personally I think his website is a model example of cocnitive dissonance.

    Cognitive dissonance is an uncomfortable feeling caused by holding conflictingideas simultaneously

    Inquiring minds and honest minds won't fall for his crap. Keep on trying you dumb ass.

    Answer if you will. We're waiting for youuuu!!!!!


  • avengers

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