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  • donuthole

    Al was formerly a disciple of Robert King (e-watchman). Al started a companion site called "Jehovah's Judgment"where he wrote his own essays along King's prophetic framework. The jehovahsjudgment.com domain was registered and setup by King's webmaster Timothy Kline, who also ran the Pathways forum. As a personal comment, Al's articles were much better written then King's own.

    My first interactions with 3W were on King's old "Paradise Cafe" forums. At the time 3W hadn't developed the rabid pro-Watchtower persona he has since put on. We had some discussions about Revelation and he even conceded that the locusts from the pit were not the anointed and the abbadon was not Jesus as the Watchtower was teaching. At least online he was a seperate entity from Al.

    I don't know what sparked it but Al had some misgivings about King's teaching and had a falling away from King that resulted in Kline seizing control of "Jehovah's Judgment" and shutting it down. (jehovahsjudgment.com now links to a static webpage with an ad for Kline's web company at the bottom.) Al was upset because he felt that Kline had setup the website as a favor for him and not that it was setup as an extension of the e-watchman network. Al switched over to a Watchtower apologist and began disavowing King's teaching. He registered jehovahs-judgment.co.uk and setup his own forum there.

    At this time there were others on Pathways and e-Watchman that became disgruntled with Kline/Kine for whatever reason. Some were returning to a pro-Watchtower stance and they began posting on Al's new forum. (I was surprised today to see the forum still in operation and some of the original posters still active.) Al's site became a kind of base of operations for an anti-e-watchman movement that spilled out onto various forums (such as H20) and blogs.

    Around this time 3W had begun to write up essays refuting Watchman's positions that the Watchtower was guilty of mishandling child abuse and had sullied themselves with involvement with the UN. The folks at Al's site saw him as a compatriot in their personal vendeta against King and offered to host his articles on their site.

    As an end-note, despite their pretty staunch pro-Watchtower presence, many of these individuals deep down have personal difficulties with the Organization. One individual hadn't been to meetings in 10 years; another lost a child due to blood complications, was DF'd, and wasn't going to the meetings. So I guess that is the sad thing. What may be seen as strong Witnesses supporting their organization is really individuals that are grasping at whatever they can to make it right with "Jehovah" in the wake of their own failings to really make it in the Organization.

  • middleman

    Great work DH! If you have any links, scans, or any other information for verification purposes, please let me know. I believe you but I like "paper" trails if possible.


  • avengers

    All this you're saying might be true, but in order to get any compassion from my side, these kind of people

    need to get a different attitude towards the abuse of children and also the UN issue.

    individuals that are grasping at whatever they can to make it right with "Jehovah" in the wake of their own failings

    make it right with "Jehovah" by deceiving people saying there's nothing wrong with the Watchtower being in bed with the Scarlet Wild Beast?

    Come on man! Are You now an apologist for these kind of people?

    Not good.


  • donuthole

    @middleman - Sorry, no paper trail on this one. These are just personal recollections and observances. I was on the old "Paradise Cafe" forum at the time and also had personal conversations over e-mail, PalTalk, phone, etc. with some of the individuals who defected to Al's board.

    @avengers - The Watchtower has many victims, young and old. I try to have compassion for them.

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